Thursday, December 11, 2008

Southwest Guizhou Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in southwest Guizhou peculiar types of landforms, karst area widely distributed, naturally beautiful scenery and colorful and rich tourist resources. More than 20 provincial-level scenic areas of the province, accounting for 5 here. Pinnacle peaks, Wei fell across the peaks million; uncanny workmanship, representing the Taipa mud stone forest; Furong more research, four Xiangpiao The trick lotus embankment; supergraphic when empty, the Galaxy off the nine-ra group of Valley Falls; quiet show net, the heart of the clean water drunk Sancha lake scenery, and East Lake Wai Lake, West Lake Lubuge, Wan Feng Nanhu Lake, North Lake palm trees River, West Lake in Lake Xing, and so picturesque, it is away. In addition, national characteristics of a small number of Guizhou Family Customs Museum, Buyi and Miao, and other human landscape even more fascinating.

Qi Shan to different water known for Xingyi City, is one of the great potential for development of land. The city's 650,000 population, with an area of 2915 square kilometers, moderate position, by Huangguoshu East, South West, South Lian Shi Lin, State Huangguoshu Falls, Guangxi Guilin Tourism hotline gold on the cities. Here a long history of climate and abundant resources, has always been to Yashi Jia Guan Ren place. Now is the Qianxinan state, is the Nanning-Kunming railway marshalling yard. Xinhua News Agency has reported that China's "second in the Golden Triangle." Hailed as "the ancient dragon, Qi Shan, Shui Ling, Gu United States, no crack, Shi, mountain, such as oceans, such as the Phoenix Valley, such as stone treasures, such as the way art galleries, such as the home situation, such as climate paradise, food culture of Hong Chong "Xingyi City, the unique karst terrain, Guizhou is the hometown of the dragon," Guizhou dragons "of the scientific community was known as the" world-Han The scientific discovery, "" the crown of rare. "

  12,000 years ago Cat-dong ancient human fossils, a display of ancient civilizations Xingyi. Rich in mineral, water, energy, biotechnology, tourism, labor information. In the urban areas like spring all year round, fresh fruits four seasons fragrance, flavor snack famous Quartet, Urban public transport, justice, electricity and abundance of high quality, excellent communications, abundant material life, and the investment environment is improving constantly.

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