Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wujiang River Three Gorges - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Steiner and rivers, the twists and turns over 2000 in the Wujiang River, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River's largest tributaries of the Nan Yan, it's more than one-tenth of the river in the county. Wujiang has a long history here of the development of a unique set of mountains, water, holes in one of the natural landscape group.

Wujiang rolling, along the river in the territory of shape More than 200 years of natural gorge promenade. "Jiang Qing Luo for bands such as the Bi Yuzan Hill." Clear the river of music in five of static deep gorge, sometimes gentle quiet, sometimes unruly unrestrained. Cross-strait verdant green, mountain peaks overlap, Qi confrontation, the Shenzi significantly.

Wujiang River Gorge from both harmony I also own. Shek folder, QI Yun mountains, the blue line, wind swept over the gorge, Jiang Tao pressing, as much as the landscape, the Chi Mei, from Gap to the crown; Gap child silver, the mountains around from time to time, Jiang's cross-sectional area, winding paths, mountain heavy water Fu, the boat trip during such into the maze, it is at a loss; soil Tuo Gap, mountain, water depth, secluded valley, Peak mountains, successful piece of bamboo, towering old trees, competing Qunshou the United States, contend birds. Three Gorges to see the monkeys disappeared long ago, climbing or attached to Ge, Linjiang water, has kept a long song, rock pushed the ship or frightened tourists, open branches in stone Saoshou get gills; Xia Wang Tuo, Jiang faces When narrow-width, with emergency relief when Jiang Liu, the two sides Verdant trees, swaying Zhu Ying, a few miles away could see the hot springs rising wave of Fimbristylis Baiwu.

Shun along the river from the mountain city of Hebei under 20, then into the gorge Li Zhi. Ferry Wong, a whistle, as into the stormy sea. Only then the door to a look of the Gap kuan, the visitors into a General wonderful magical dream world. Clouds and wind around the mountain, albeit not very clearly, thousands of pen Ren Yan Jun Li of the cliff at the end of Jiang's line, rock climbing wall attached to the vine bare root grotesque, Tianzaodishe view of the many Meteorology Series, Shek Road, fiber and natural water line, were inscribed the spot versions. ..... River Gorge through, as if exposure to Must be long gallery landscape.

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