Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sancha Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chahe Zhenfeng three scenic spots (provincial)-North County, according to the hub in southwest Guizhou, Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is located in the Guangxi Basin to the transitional stage, about 1,200 meters altitude. Karst area, which rise amid problems, beading Valley basin, the Meteorology Series. Is a set of deep, quiet, beautiful, wild, ancient, magical characteristics of the plateau Ling-beautiful landscape of the scenic spots.

Scenic spots nearby are dinosaurs, saber-toothed elephant, cattle and Paleozoic fossils and Cyatheaceae forests, ancient caves, and so on. Chahe three are located in scenic areas (with) Long (field) and road Liquidambar Sibei sector, with an area of 22 square kilometers. Scenic spots in hills, peak cluster, the stone forest, lakes, Link, Canyon, underground river, Stephen Tam, caves, fossils, such as rich and varied; ancient cultural sites, tombs, ancient architecture, cultural revolution, Cliff stone is very charming.

Sancha Lake is a scenic coral pearl, coral-like lake was from east to west width of 1.1 meters, 1.2 meters long from north to south, 6 perimeter. Km, the lake more than 50 hectares, the capacity of water legislation 3,700,000 meters, 1134 meters altitude. Year-round green lake water, such as the level of a mirror, surrounded by mountains on three sides, east pastoral scenery. Two-standing heart Lake Island, North Island Diedan two-out, King said: Lin care of the clean water. Hubei around, the scattered stone forest scene modeling, unique. At the landscape Another stone cliff in the southern area (Stone Forest Scenic Spot), covering an area of 16 square kilometers. Spread all over the strange stones peaks in the gold fields, Wei Yi ups and downs more than 8,000 meters. Qianyantingbo, Shi Zhengrong million, scattered mixed, mostly form divine figure, rare birds and animals, life-like images, lifelike. Stone forty to fifty general-meter-high cliff Stone columns, stone land as 30 meters most, those people under 10 meters. Heavenly Creations by stones Nag - 3,000 meters seedlings get lots renowned focus. Stones peaks in the breeding plateau basin, the broad field of vision can enjoy the outward-looking and watching the last tour, scenic winding streets, Cheung King to return, way better than the Stone Forest in Southern life and landscape is Guizhou Pa a must.

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