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Guizhou Xiaoqi Kong beauty - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiaoqi Kong is located in scenic areas Libo county seat 30 kilometers south of the peaks, scenic 7 km in length, delicate beautiful landscapes, ancient landscape quiet, scenic place, visitors can immediately feel the picturesque and feelings such as Cantabile dream of rhythm.

  Water began to ring from the bridge, a ring of water on the bridge Old Bridge, which is well-known bridge Xiaoqi Kong,. This area was therefore named the bridge. This bridge was built 15 years on behalf of light, (Year 1835) seven-hole under the bridge spanning the River ring, in the view of Old Bridge on the River King is a lot of things, river Fanzhuo faint green light, sparkling Microwave very quiet, clear water, If people put all this clean feeling. If river rafting tour, and Face the two sides will be able to tour the nation's old-world architecture, the two sides Xiuzhuo overflow to the fragrant flowers added to the hearts of many poetic.

  Xiaoqi Kong Scenic Area in order to elaborate, beautiful, ancient, said the quiet, scenic shift For King, the compact layout. There are well-known seven-hole Old Bridge, 68 ring River Falls, Rajat Falls, Hill Cove primeval forest, forest funnel Yezhu Lin, Chung Dong-day, Wolonghe ecological corridor, and other scenic spots, more shade in the forest of Yuanyang Lake. Yuanyang Lake seconds size of natural lakes connected by two, the size of this lake has About 700 meters of the "Water Park", the two sides into a studio Xiumu dendrite. Turn Four Lakes shade, water birds with Hu, You must realm. In the meantime stay,
Like a fairyland.

Xiaoqi Kong has a wonderful scene - Yuanyang Lake, Yuanyang Lake water, such as oil, dark green and dignified. As a result of the lake there are two side-by-side of the towering The tree is named after the two trees in half in the water, branches and leaves at the top of the handshake, delicate tree beautiful female and male trees are surrounded by two or three people can come, the majestic tall and straight. Quiet lake, water connections and, careful not to be lost, however, often leading the way in the Lake of the vessels, and lost only once that is quietly waiting for rescue . Around the lake from a variety of colors of plants, high thick packet of several levels in the lake Dangzhou there is a feeling of isolation. Green also were mixed with red, pink flowers, in the beautiful sunshine and warmth.

Yaozhai live in a 2 and Baiku Yao Yao, the distinction between their standard In the dress, Yao 2 women to wear the T-shirt from before and after the 2, only linked to the shoulder and waist, and then the following Baiku Yao wearing white pants and got its name. In Yaozhai you can see women weaving in the collective work. Catch up with the market, we can see Zainiu bloody scene of the killing of five internal organs of cattle were Stalls in the sale, cattle blood has been made pots of blood tofu, the local people to use boiled water has become a delicacy of the drinks. A piece of beef being cut into pieces, also sold out the day down.

Yaozhai houses are "castles in the air" from the ground in one of the high-empty structures, Under the house has become the children enjoy playing. According to people here, the last two years in the government here would like to build a primary school in the village, only a small shop selling also has a color television, every television set to open, small shops selling the door will be Packed with children. Although foreign tourism More and more, television has also brought the news from afar, but Yaozhai human life is not much change from the city to let the people have the feeling of Huangruogeshi a.

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