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Wulingyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulingyuan is a scenic area of north-western Hunan. It is not like other famous Silk, who long enjoyed a good reputation of the Sacred Mountains of China, Huangshan, Guilin, and so on for thousands of years ya famous Seoul, and Wulingyuan has been unknown until the 1970s also know that few others. Painter Wu Guanzhong chance here, here landscape for the dumping, not "Pearl fall in the mountains," sighed. From the beginning of the 1980s, due to the development of tourism in Wulingyuan finally becoming famous, because it is located in the middle of Wulingshanmai and has been named.
  Millions of years ago, Wulingyuan is a vast ocean, nature constantly moving, cut and polish that changing the Wulingyuan today sandstone peaks Canyon of the landscape. Plants everywhere here; Calocedrus pines, Blot out the Sun Zhe Tian; Qifengyidan, towering stands; River Valley around the clouds, smoke precipice of Health. Wulingyuan's rich natural value and the original wild, people will conquer it even Shuaixia a lot of old mountains, to quickly among the World Natural Heritage list To come.
  Wulingyuan has three parts: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxi Yu nature reserves and nature reserves. Generally of the view that there is Wulingyuan "five no": Qi, rocks, Valley, Xiushui, karst caves.
  Wulingyuan unique quartz sandstone peaks for the rare home and abroad, it has become Qijue Maria Scenic spots. In the more than 360 square kilometers in area, according to aerial survey peaks are known to be more than 3000 seats, more than 400 meters vertically Shi Feng has more than a month. The stone peaks and elsewhere, upright and dense, the towering rock of the Ruyan, Feng Shi, such as silk, such as bamboo shoots, the screen seems like a spear, a fan, a root, fell million , Range upon range of hills in order to give the overlapping peaks of the magnificent Grand Bang Bo and momentum. Tianzishan, Zhangjiajie has 80 multiple viewing platform, there may be sounding fine reward. Feng Shi lot of big names such as "Shen Tang Wan", "West Sea scroll," small, such as "days of female flowers", "Qu line methotrexate," "Ocean's Peak" and unnamed peaks, like self-written , To create the same free of the Imagination.
  Yu Guo whenever the weather turned fine or raining, a faint Yunyan give birth to the valley, clouds Piaomiao range upon range of hills in the overlapping peaks, when the thick sea of clouds when light, Shi Feng time when they are hidden, the scene changes million. Fog, so that the next clear hard peaks become enchanting, ethereal and mysterious. View The best season is summer, Tianzishan reward is the best place for fog and photographers are often involved.
  Wulingyuan Raoshan to water. Zhangjiajie, there was only "Xiushui 800", many of the waterfall, Stephen, River, Lake, the lake was its magic. Water so that the forests more vibrant. Jinbian Xi is a long stream, More than 10 kilometers from Zhangjiajie has been able to come to Suoxi Yu Yan Xi, which flow to ease the flow of paper-tan grass, fish jump Tam, Phoebe Ping Chau and Son of Heaven, by the end Suoxi Yu into the Lishui River. Canyon cross-strait confrontation, between the Red Rock River reflected on trees. Walking in the stream path, all the way Qinrenxinpi cool, stepping stone wooden bridge and watch the fish deep piebald Water, listen to the cuckoo's call echoed in the valleys, and perhaps also between suddenly have the chance: the chicken back water - a local water storage bladders with their long gorgeous pheasant feathers, the stream is swig.
  The cave is one of the best, the number and scale. There are few well-known of the Huanglong Cave, Kwun Yam , The ring tunnel, turtle habitat hole, hole Fei, the ... ... Lo Tung, the Suoxi Yu Huang Chang-dong 7 km and a half. Hole four tiers, inside the cave, there is a reservoir, the river 2, linked to three waterfalls, water everywhere, Hall 13, 96 Gallery. "Bell ice", "Bamboo Gadao," "Dragon King's palace dance," Huanglong are fine-hole The host.
  Manshanbianye Wulingyuan, all of Ruyan or dense forests. Growth here for thousands of years no one has cut down the forest, the forest coverage rate as high as 97.9 percent, even an Gyps the lone Shi Feng also stand a few pines; large swathes of the original Zhetianbiri secondary forest, known as activated The metasequoia, gingko, Davidia, lobster flower plants, such as age also can be found everywhere, walking in dense forest may be inadvertently touched the precisely the kind of rare plant leaves. Pheasant, pangolin, monkey face Eagle, Red-billed Leiothrix, monkeys, tigers, giant salamander, and other rare birds and animals often appear in the forest Jianbian. In the early 1980s, experts study Tomb lamented here, he was the source of the animal "shelter" and a plant's "gene pool." Wulingyuan moderate and rainy climate, with cold summer, the average annual temperature of 15C in?babout this micro-climate for plants and animals will no doubt provide a good dwelling places.
  Xiangyingchengqu and the natural scenery is simple Park scenery. Wulingyuan is Tujia, Bai and Miao ethnic minorities, such as settlements, terraced plots, an inter-decorated houses scattered on a green mountains and blue waters, Tetraena trees, the smoke curl upwards, if coming to catch up with local festivals, but also To appreciate the ethnic song and dance. Wulingyuan with the mountains, dense forests seamless structure The vast piece of the original picture.

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