Friday, January 16, 2009

Bai Zhangxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suoxi Yu Bai Zhangxia at scenic spots, according to legend is an ancient battlefield. Various scenic spots such as the Department of pile Ma, Qi Feng and Play, imperial jade seal rock, and so is associated with the ancient battlefield, it is also known as Bai Zhangxia "a hundred battles Gap." Wulingyuan Scenic Area the few historical, and as a result of the terrain here Xian Yao, in the beginning of the next text would be found. According to the "Cili County," it reads: "Gap Baizhang, show high into the clouds, red ocher stone screen, towering clearance eye, Qi Jia Tianxia. "

  By Bai Zhangxia, Jia Yu Dong, Wang Jiayu Canyon of the three components. Bai Zhangxia flags which is located in the central valley, this ancient ape multi-Gap, Gap odd precipice, Xianyao situation, in order to pass the ancient. Risk-hung deep gorge, a river stream. On the right side of the original Path to the Ming and Qing Dynasties Cili contacts with the Yongding Guan Dao. Shapingchang one of the fields, Bai Zhangxia wall, eight of the most Tam Chi Mei-chu.

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