Tuesday, December 2, 2008

International Convention and Exhibition Center - Chinese tourism scenic spots

International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the sea around the island Qianbu road inside the main building of the Mirs who wish to take off, the ship set sail, Xiamen is the twenty-first century glory of the new logo, the Convention and Exhibition Center to invest 1.4 billion yuan, covers an area 47 10,000 square meters exhibition area the main building 432 meters long, 42.6 meters high, all the area In the first floor of the main building, set up 2000 international standard booths, the exhibition divided into 5 every other independent, high-level exhibition halls were 8 meters, 10.5 meters, 16 meters, the two wings have an area of 6500 square meters of column-free Office. Can accommodate 3,000 people and 2,000 people banquet assembly. Main area There are more than 20 meeting rooms, multi-function hall which can accommodate 1,500 people, the International Lecture Hall can accommodate nearly 400 people and is equipped with 6-channel simultaneous interpretation system, a combination of exhibitions, conferences, chambers of commerce, information, catering, tourism As one of the large-scale multi-functional intelligent Expo City. There are around 300,000 square meters of modern Green Beach Plaza, Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, the overall design and quality is the size of the current domestic first-class, fifth in the world. Convention and Exhibition Center in Xiamen is the most spirited of the tourism and leisure destination, Kinmen is also hope the best place to view the sea. There are small Kinmen and 4600 m distance in a straight line In the center of the viewing room on the fifth floor, a small telescope under the Golden Gate is very clear and very close! Convention and Exhibition Center will be gradually improved, large-scale concerts, theatrical performances, open-air cafes, fine House, the Museum of cross-strait relations, Famous shopping malls.

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