Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Youth Science and Technology Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Youth Science and Technology Museum is the use of the Haicang Bridge Anchorage into the West, East and the Anchorage Museum of the bridge corresponding to the distance from the indoor exhibition area, the square and explore the science and technology education component of the district. Indoor exhibition area close to 10,000 square meters, the exhibition area of 5000 square meters; Technology Square, 20,000 square meters. At the second phase construction, a 12-room Hall, more than 200 exhibits, sports, science and technology 20, in the June 2001 opening to the outside world. The second phase of electronic telecommunications, marine science, environmental science, and so on will be on display in June 2002. Youth Science and Technology Museum exhibitions and education using the combination method, the exhibition is education, training and education is Education, the introduction of modern "Science Center"-style education exhibition, the exhibits reflect the scientific, intellectual, interesting, to promote and encourage young people to participate in hands-on friends, explored ways to use their brains thinking experience. Both reached the dissemination of scientific knowledge, but also pay attention to the spirit of science, scientific thinking and scientific methods of culture And the popularity of new and exciting feelings of wisdom, the city of Xiamen is the implementation of the strategic city through science and education, quality education for young people to raise public popularization of scientific and cultural quality of the education base. In the indoor exhibition area of 10,000 square meters exhibition area, a total of electromagnetic Museum, Museum of the Earth and the natural, physical fitness halls, mechanics mechanics , The Museum of acoustic, optical Museum, the Museum robotics, psychology and brain Science Museum, the Museum of mathematics, science and technology applications and hands-on museum park. Young people should visit carefully read the exhibits before the simple tips that by then that the practice of hands-on operation, so as to understand the scientific basis of the principles of access to modern applications of high-tech Knowledge. Sports Science and Technology Square Plaza, sports science and technology have 20,000 square meters, nearly 20 sports display technology. There are magnetic swing and 360-degree rotation of the swing rotation, center of gravity and balance can be demonstrated, a bold attempt to ride a bike at high tightrope, test driving the car round the square. Sound can operate The gathering and reflection, arm strength exercise wheel and spin the wheel, shooting swivel chair, and so on. It also can be operated hands-on simulation of the formation of tornadoes. To explore areas of education to explore education is a kind of experiential travel, such as through the turn Muqiang, ladder-climbing, canoeing and camping operations and other activities, so that the tourists in the team Cooperation in solving the problem. Is an adventure, but also into a kind of natural, enhanced trust and mutual support. According to the fire Island and enjoys the natural advantage of Science and Technology Museum 200 young people to participate in the operation, science and technology demonstration projects in the clear water and green trees, camping arrangements, rock climbing, paragliding, Foreign survival, rope ladder, and other exciting field projects; on the island in the lake side of the island and the sea to carry out swimming, bar-raft, rowing, canoeing, and other water sports; can be carried out to survive, Ladder, swamps, Bow Road, rope course, and other venues Subjects and mock scenarios, role-playing, interactive games, and other indoor courses, so that visitors to participate in the exploration , Integrated with nature, adventure, games won and Automobiles at Full Harvest, is a brand new travel experience. Science and Technology Museum to swim, can sit directly on the bridge head to the car battery to visit the museum as a bridge (a bridge to visit the museum, the car battery can also take a visit to the Science and Technology Museum), or by boat ( ) To return to Xiamen.

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