Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wan Baoshan orchard tour - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jimei Wan Baoshan tourist orchards, irrigation district at Jimei Town 2 km south-west of State Road 324 pit side of the junction, 31 kilometers away from Xiamen Railway Station, 20 km Gaoqi International Airport, Xiamen Accessibility - filling the mouth of the bus park, or by Xiamen - Zhangzhou bus passing by this park, just 40 minutes by car, public transport, Orchard was founded in 1985, covering an area of 500 mu, a wide variety of fruit trees, mainly litchi, longan, mandarin gossip Lu, Yu mandarin, star fruit, persimmons, mangoes, strawberries, peaches and plums, the United States grapefruit, the date, more than 20 kinds of olives, etc. At 10,000. For more than a decade masters of the hard work and now Raymond Lin, Jade Beautiful scenery, the four seasons fragrance. In addition, there is an orchard south of the 2 ponds, covering an area of 25 acres for fishing, barbecue. Wan Hill area of 720 square meters of construction, there are 4 suites, standard room 8, the Office of Kara OK, entertainment room, Chess Room, Ball Room, and other leisure and recreational facilities for tourism. In the orchard, build Several shelters, although in the form of transfer, simple, but elegant, Wan Baoshan to tour orchards, mainly in the summer and fall season, when the longan litchi harvest, the most visitors, visitors to the casual tourist. Completely avoid the city hubbub and miscellaneous noise. And people forget the tense pace of life and troubles, and return to the rural atmosphere of great self - Environment, the United States and is a treat.

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