Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feng trunk lock and marble - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan Shiyan mountain is covered with stones and exposed hidden in a pair of green trees, showed a different attitude, the most notable is the peak trunk, he more like an elephant's long nose in the air Shen Zhao, named. In the peak trunk under a "lock-yun," Stone, stand next to the stream, which is intended to cloud over here, do not stop, like a lock , Named the "lock-yun." Why is locked cloud, which is in the air as a result of rocks blocking the path of the cloud, so that the cloud of rock remain in the Department of depression and the formation of rocks Fossa's. "Lock-yun," another well-known reasons, the result of this killing Cheng Cheng Cheng-kung in conjunction with the rules. Cheng Cheng Cheng-kung is the joint Zong Xiong. At that time, in conjunction Cheng Ha Hengzhengpulian, poor Jiyu people living in dire poverty. 1650 (2007 Junji-ching) Zheng will listen to advice, the people are determined to pesticides. In the Mid-Autumn Festival is the night, from the Chaoyang Zheng Hui Shi Xiamen, Gulangyu Fleet quietly Park. Zheng was kept in the dark together, Wan Shiyan through the night in banquets. Zheng design, the invitation to Hu Xi-Cheng linked to drink, drink Zheng Wan Shiyan back, via the "lock-yun", Zheng was killed by ambush. Since then, the Kinmen-Xiamen and Matsu to become Taiwan's Fu Zheng Ming forces base.

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