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Xiamen Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Botanical Garden in Xiamen, Xiamen is located in Zhongshan Park in the urban areas of the South East, Shishan, Wu Laofeng to the north. Built in 1960, the entire garden shrubs of about 1,800,000, there are well-known tropical and subtropical botanical garden in all of the park, there are overlapping Wanshi Shan mountain peaks on all types of rock King, with an area of 26 square kilometers, of which sik Park area of 2.27 ha, 1.5 ha area of the lawn, the green area of 213.6 hectares. Park's botanical gardens all around the periphery Shek Wu million, which is based on Chinese-style layout of the garden decoration, the main Park: Park tsugae, Penny Drive, Rosa Parks, Forest of Stone Tablets in the new, small Taoyuan, Palm Island, the Office of flowers, South Cedar lawn, introduction and domestication of the district, District cactus, the Rose Garden, longan, Lai Chi Yuen, the District of medicinal plants, flowers such as orchid plants in 29 special zones, and water park, and decorated with floor, Taiwan, Pavilion, Pavilion and modernization Entertainment and sports training facilities, is a beautiful, fragrant flowers around the entertainment park.

Tsugae Park is located west of Shek Wu million, the park has a pond, pool Heting Song, opposite the Pavilion has a rock engraved "Songhe Park," the words, the pool has five white crane simulation, and some Zhanchiyufei Some wait-and-see stop legislation in the water, some feeding in a pond, and some rest, a variety of patterns are very realistic. Song planted in the park, , Bai, Hui Qi Bashi, and other species, some of the most spectacular ancient relict plant - Metasequoia, ginkgo, which is 200 million years ago during the ice left over from the rare species, referred to as "living fossils." In addition, there are four ornamental trees in the world, that is, money-song China, Japan Jin Song, Araucaria, Italy Bai. These trees, the beautiful Shu Zi, never lost their appeal, known as the landscape tree. Tsugae back former U.S. President Richard Nixon visited China, presented the "God of the world" - Sequoia, as well as Araucaria, such as Chile.

In addition, the beautiful lotus pool in the growth of the Flora-odd "Victoria", the diameter of the leaf surface 2 . Even more unusual is the edge of the leaf volume of 20 cm, more than 70 kg weight, the boys can be girls sitting on the surface of leaves, Shashi good-looking.

Palm Garden at the top of Shek Wu million, as a result of palm species is named after, also known as Palm Island. Here there is sixties and seventies alien species of tree. Among them, "the forest beauty," Lemon Eucalyptus, fish Kwai, Livistona, Italy Brown, the West Indies brown skin of bamboo, coconut king, "World Oil King" oil palm in Indonesia, such as brown sugar, the Palm is not only beautify the environment for people to watch, and many of them have high economic value.

Full House is a specimen of a hundred Garden, Chang flowering throughout the year in There are spring azalea, three-color Geun; the summer there are Impatiens, Lotus; a sweet-scented osmanthus in autumn, chrysanthemum; Lamei winter there, such as Euphorbia pulcherrima. The concept has spent Laurel, marigold; foliage of science, change Litsea; stems concept of the Buddha belly bamboo, bamboo Polygonum; fruit concept of bergamot, orange four seasons; bud concept of Yin Liu, and so on. In addition, there were flowers in the world top 10 "Miss" Plum Blossom, "the king of flowers" Peony "Queen of flowers" Laurel, "noble character and sterling integrity" of the Chrysanthemum, "a gentleman of flowers" orchids, "Shih spent in the" cuckoo, "treasures of flowers" Camellia "Water Lotus" Lotus "fairy Ling Po," as well as daffodils peony, Xiamen Bougainvillea flower (red, , White, purple all). There were flowers in the world, such as Africa, cockscomb, and longevity of flowers, geranium, the Americas Changchun flowers, incense next month, Begonia bamboo, grass goldfish Europe, Southeast Asia, a White fan, red dog tail. Specimens in the House, the most notable is the bonsai pot old elm tree, 300 years old, beautiful shape, has been Bonsai into stamps, in 1972, had been sent to Beijing to participate in the National Bonsai Exhibition.

Office of flowers was built in 1979, as the flower of the exhibition hall, together with the greenhouse and nursery areas such as the introduction and domestication, the Botanical Garden in the formation of a new set of buildings, a unique point of the tour. Office of flowers area of 1000 M, a total of five exhibition halls, corridors there, Quqiao, linked Shuixie In the meantime, the surrounding area of 1100 square meters oblong lotus pond. In addition to the Office of flowers on display precious flowers, but also to the exhibition with the theme of the botanical garden a few hundred pieces of calligraphy and paintings, there are many famous inscription of poetry together, the Office of flowers is also a Art Hall for visitors to appreciate the dynamic and static art.

More meat plants in the garden Ziyun upper left side of the rock for the giant transparent Luo Ke, a potted palm cactus, the fairy-chu, cactus, such as the immortal whip, the most prominent is the "golden tiger fish gill" cactus, the growth of more than 30 years with a diameter of 9 More centimeters, "the king of cactus." Immortal column of up to 3 meters, is a kind of rare. It is said that Xiamen cactus has more than 500 kinds of plants, ranking first in the country, the cactus high ornamental value, medicinal value, economic value and the value of scientific research. It is the study of plant taxonomy and plant marked an important evolution .

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