Wednesday, December 3, 2008

12 Beishan Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kitayama, also known as Michael Hill, Department of Tongan District branch of cattle Ridge Mountains, along the Silver City in the north, is the great barrier wall. From the foot of the mountain, "Kwong Lee Temple," up to 300 meters, to "water-hole day," Yung outside shading, ridge upon each other rocks, pine and cypress green, vague Feibao the roar could be heard. Tongan at the northern mountain , Although not growing thunder of the grand style, but the quiet Yajing, a clear spring from the old quarry area 500 meters high, falling down level by level, through various high level of fissures and Shi Xue, the plot has become a 12-ching can be seen At the end of the pool, they said Longtan 12. Twelve of the Longtan, the gap is not due to falls, Wan Si Article silver beading. "Bottles of Taiwan" Looking up at the falls, the ginseng-like shape, it is also known as "ginseng waterfall." Tam's size, shape, depth varies, but the bottom are clear, pure White Plus. Tam was the largest in the fifth, the track surface more than 3 meters, about 2 meters deep, from the eighth, ninth and looking at the gap between the dam and then falls on the sky, under the title Rock, water from the sky seems to be in the fall, the scenery is magnificent! Boulder falls on the left side of the "Sin Yuen", Master of Science in the Southern Song Dynasty is the authentic work of Zhu Xi. Squatting on both sides of the ridge have many more tiger spirit, cattle, goats, parrots, such as rocks, there is a god to the footprints left by the Guanpu away and forget the immortal car . "Water-day" next to stop a flat stone Angeles, more than 50 meters above the Longtan, straight-walled, such as cutting, Rocky engraved with the top surface of the glorification of this county magistrate in Tongan poetry of rain. Gar-ching 40 (1561) spring drought, the county magistrate Tan-ting, Taiwan, bottles, to mobilize people to this Qiu Yu, Qiao every God for the United States, Hong Just fire, the rain is falling. Yi Ren moment, "Taiwan's Lin Yu bottle" to commemorate.?????, Zhang Quan county magistrate in the next moment, "Ze cream under the people" 4. Longtan Bentu falls all the way through bamboo dam, Guan Hin five, wearing a temple, into the Dongxi and then into the sea, is about 20 years. In the 1960s, under repair from the northern Treasury, following Longtan water, and the Treasury building next to the "Overseas Chinese Farm", there are more than 10 countries and regions overseas, the Chinese settled here Jianye. Longtan standing Shan career, under the eyes look Shuitianyise, Mongolia and air graceful, bamboo is like a reservoir dam-Pacific, shining as a foil to the lush of Jiangmen, shows that the future prosperity! Yamashita's "Kwong Lee Temple", also known as "kings and the northern palace", also known as "Zhong Hui Zun Temple", is the Five Dynasties Min King brothers know mutiny trial opened the birthplace of Fujian, has also hung on the door, "Fujian ancestors who "And" Min opened the first "horizontal inscribed board. In 1982, Kwong Lee also by the temple rebuilt, and building a Mountain Gate, Canton , Came to cherish the memory of the "Fujian ancestors who" break the performance of Waste Management of visitors flooded.

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