Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Conference on the former site of the Gutian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghang County is located in the town of Gutian agency under the Shanxi Lu. The site was founded in 1848, Liao was Hall, also known as the source of Temple million. Here in 1917 to become the "primary harmony." In May 1929, to enter Hong Sijun Furuta, the school will be renamed the "dawn of primary school." December 1929 28 To 29, the Communist Party of China in the fourth Red Army of the ninth Congress held here. Presided over the meeting were Hong Sijun Qiandi Committee leaders Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Chen Yi, Hong Sijun party at all levels, soldiers and local party organizations on behalf of the representatives of more than 120 women representatives attended the meeting. According to the meeting of 19 In 9 of the CPC Central Committee on September 28 to the Red Army's Fourth Military Commission Qiandi instructions of the letter, summed up the Nanchang Uprising has been the experience of building the Red Army, criticized the non-proletarian ideology, in order to adhere to the ideology of the proletariat to build the party and the people's army . The meeting unanimously adopted presided over the drafting of Comrade Mao Zedong's "China has Fourth Red Army forces of the ninth Party Congress resolution "(also known as the resolutions of the Gutian Conference) returned to the Mao Zedong before the new secretary of the committee Qiandi Committee. Furuta meeting summed up the Chinese Red Army set up more than two years of experience, our military and political work laid the foundation for the army with all the old army to draw The line has become a new people's army. Gutian Conference resolution of the Red Army and the Communist Party of China is building a programmatic document, which the party and army building has played a major role. In March 1961, the State Council as the former site of the Gutian Conference will focus on the national heritage unit. In August 1986, it was Fujian Province, one of the top ten spots for. In December 1989, the General Secretary Jiang Zemin visited the site of the Gutian Conference, and wrote the name of the "inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Gutian Conference, to strengthen the party and army building," the inscription. In January 2000, China Central Television, "One Heart One Mind," Art Troupe in the former site of the first to be held in the new century Out.

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