Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Changting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

New Zealand writer Rewi Alley has said that two of China's most beautiful mountain city of Phoenix is in Hunan and Fujian's Changting. Changting County, Fujian Province is located in the western part of Fujian-Jiangxi border, is the fifth largest county in Fujian Province. Has a long history of the local culture, Hakka culture and revolution is the former site of the unique local tourism resources, 1 94 years for the county by the State Council announced the third batch of national historical and cultural city. Changting from the late Qing Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty are the states, roads, the House legacy is mainly inhabited by the Hakka people, "the capital of the Hakka." Changting to the long history has left a rich cultural heritage, there stands a towering three in the Tang Dynasty city gate tower Court, in the Tang Dynasty Dali ancient city wall, two-Tingzhou and the ancient tower Yin Temple House. Changting revolutionary relics of the Soviet government in Fujian Province are the main site, Xin Geng Chairman Mao's old house, and so on. Changting also save a lot of Hakka houses during the Song and Ming dynasties, which inherited the Centaline-style mansion, along the axis on both sides to start Progressive layers, before and after the symmetrical layout stringent. Such large-scale residential areas to accommodate dozens of families living in the most typical Changting Wei Wu, and the Hakkas, is the Hakka people together to form a clan of the "Walled City family." Changting the landscape can not miss the scenery, beautiful mountains and rivers and local history Xiangyingchengqu colorful culture, the Wolong Hill, al Xiangshan, the official Square, North Korea and the cave-Doo, are not looking at the scenery. Traffic: visitors can take the train to the city of Longyan, Sanming City, or the city of Wing On, and then car to Changting. First in Longyan City more convenient Changting 140 km from the city of Longyan, are more than 10 per day Travel Direct Line. In addition, Xiamen Wucun bus station in the morning and 6:20 pm 14:20 Changting have a direct bus, 6 hours can be. Room and board: The hotel is located in Changting county's Hakka main road - the middle of the road sign trillion, house prices from 20 yuan to 120 yuan range, quiet environment, clean bed Changting to travel, taste our visitors, many Hakka-style snacks, such as the Hakka noodles, fish balls Changting meatball and egg white, the taste is very delicious.

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