Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wild Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen wild valley unique ecology of the original natural landscape, enjoy the "Taiwanese Jiuzhaigou" reputation, covers an area of about 6227 mu:
A tropical rain forest is the largest dinosaur theme park of artificial rain forest, moving with the sound of the dense vegetation of the natural background music, Dinosaur Valley, crocodile Beach, wetlands ecology, and other vegetation;
B Jinxi Canyon mining "of forests, Valley, Fei Bao, the Castle of the clean water, forest," featuring well known. Jade valley clean air, Manshanbianye rare vegetation, wildlife occasionally traces of negative oxygen ions, winding canyon trails, natural waterfall splashing Chu Yu-fei, walk-for-King, the legend touching; C Silver Creek Grand Canyon: Grand Canyon in the primeval forest, across, upstream, rock climbing, caving, high wire across the bridge; all the way forests, bamboo, Bitan, waterfalls, stone, caves, steep cliffs, beautiful natural scenery unique . River Plate are clean and beautiful granite structure. Is a subtle exploration of the nature Good line. Tourism is a team with the experience and challenge the limits of self beyond the experience of the trip!

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