Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ziyun Shan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Under the new county and at the junction of East County, fell a hundred miles, an area of 60,000 hectares of original forest with time, this was the best in the South for the treasure house of animals and plants, the most powerful of the Kingdom of the forest. Rise amid ups and downs here, the valley crumpled Diego, Yan Wing mixed a variety of trees, rare animals renowned mountain. According to the geological history points : Department of Zi Yunshan Gary rise in the Dongshan exercise, movement, the formation of Yanshan mountain canyon. Here both the typical sub-tropical climate, few local climate change, when the Fourth Glacier Ji attacks, it is surrounded by mountains as a result of the corridor-style terrain, and to avoid the intrusion of glaciers, animals and plants into a "refuge " The preservation of tropical and warm tropical and subtropical vegetation variety. According to preliminary investigation, there are 105 branches of woody plants, 334 genera and more than 940 kinds. Among them is a national monument, there is a category of valuable tree species Cercidiphyllum, a shade of the trees out of 7, helped each other, the arch called the "seven sisters." In April, the first flower posterior lobe, or bright red or purple, the sun's radiation, a colorful light cloud, rapidly changing, Ruxia brilliant. Plants throughout the valley slopes, there are only more than 20 kinds of azaleas, such as large trees, grass, such as the small, spring and summer flowering grand, moss and ferns, shrubs, vines mixed, with red and green , Which have different colors. Here up to more than 700 kinds of medicinal vegetation, there are drugs in Sambo: The ginseng bamboo, Ganoderma lucidum, grassland of Gastrodia; there is precious Coptis, Eucommia, Torreya grandis, Magnolia, Yang back to the grass, a flower sodium. Fertile green corridor is the animal park. According to preliminary investigations, there are more than 60 kinds of animal resources, out State protection have sambar, indica, pangolins, South China, Jinqian Bao, 21 black bear, and so on.

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