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San Qingdian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

San Qingdian Wuyi Palace is located 100 meters south, was a subsidiary of the Wuyi Palace construction. In July 1937, the Nationalist government in the re-establishment of the so-called "Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong and Fujian and Jiangxi Chaofei Donglu Jun Jun Tao Ni Memorial Cemetery." After the liberation, which has towers, monument, cemetery, and other construction-destruction, and the Chungshan Hall (Memorial Hall And the wall, such as Ji Nianting reservations so far. Renovation in 1983, then reproduce the style of construction. Hall also features art and Wuyi Mountain, "famous praise famous" showroom. Also in 1985 before the San Qingdian to build a new title was "getting better" of the white granite memorial arch, sophisticated and elegant structure, cutting of the Blessed Province famous painting Mr. Pan Zhulan home and wrote the book against "this should be the first of several famous, very Qushui this is not much."

San Qingdian Taoist temples in China is the main temple, dedicated to the "Senior's Yuan Shi Yuqing, Lingbao Senior supernatant, Taiqing Senior's moral." Qi Kang Wo Ming Dynasty's first year in Longqing 1567) is called to the north in winter, in Dian-Zhong Shi Yishou title on the wall: "The sword Han Heng Kong star, with the Fu-Fu Zheng quite Krupp. He is looking for further closures and India, would like this to the king for Hill."

San Qingdian before a group of stone, of which Liu is the highest in the Shinto monument. It even the base 3.7 meters high, 1.45 m, an original five-fu town Mudao Ms Liu, in May 1981 moved to San Qingdian in the collection. October 1985 was classified as provincial-level key protection units. Liu Song Dynasty Shinto monument in mind the long Daru Ms Liu's family and life. Ms Liu Sung Department of the five his wife, Dr. Yee Guan Zhi right direction, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Zhifu term, due to offend Touxiang Pai Qin Hui, was relieved of duty at home. He is the father of Zhu Xi Zhu's close friends. Zhu dead, as young as 14-year-old Zhu Xi, the father of compliance will, his family defected from the mother Ms Liu. Ms Liu Shi Zi Zhi as well taught, so that Zhu Xi has finally become a generation of Daru. In return for the care of Ms Liu Zhu Xi and tears the author to write a Qingzhenyiqie this, a total of 3725 words of the inscription. On the top part of a tablet Zhuanzi: "Song right direction so that the doctor sufficient micro-initiatives Court Dai Zhi Liu toddlers gifts Shinto monument," Department of the Southern Song Chang Shang-Li Bu the book. Shinto monument to the left of this Shibei, Wanli of the Ming dynasty is the examination of the Qing Gong 140 words Wuyi You remember "Seven Poems. Stone is on the right side of the Qing Dynasty years, is Sung County magistrate Liu Jing wrote the "hole Ficus erecta House" and a modern literary giant in 1962 when Guo inspection Wuyishan Expressing "Yu Wuyi 9 boating," Shi Bei:

9 Wuyi around the clean and upright, self-Chu Shou Chang Song of the table. Health Valley Orchids in Hong Keng-sheng, the mountain is covered with green Chimonobambusa over the river.

6633 words suspect Road, Cliff cliff sink sink Xian Zi Jing.

Ling Po light raft beginning of flight, the poem will not be subject.

October 1985 is still relevant departments of San Qingdian Center Church set up a "US-Wu Lanting College Hill "(later changed to Lanting Wuyi International College), recruited from all over the world, hundreds of students. Among them are university professors, architects, = film directors, reporters, psychologists, and so on, while sightseeing in the Wuyi Mountain Study of traditional Chinese culture, very welcome foreign students.

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