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Looking for Mao Zedong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanghang very proud people, from May 1929 to November 1933, 4 in this coming year in advance, Mao Zedong had come to Shanghang 9, 3 times to the town of Shanghang Furuta, 3 times into the Hangzhou, 3 Hang up before Rural Township. Shanghang in the rivers and mountains, Mao left a great many of the tracks, down a More than the story of Mao Zedong. Shanghang into, as pilgrims walked into the hall. ? Mao Zhu Linjiang game in front of the building in October 1929, suffering from a serious illness in the Mao Zedong by several Chiweiduiyuan on stretchers into Hangzhou, was admitted to the Linjiang floor rooms on the second floor of the East. Earlier, he has the right as a result of their own Not see the adoption of the left Hong Sijun. Pontoon bridge is located in the county seat of the eastern side of the door Linjiang floor, was a local businessman to open a "broad Fulong" goods money, later renamed the restaurant, facing the Tingjiang, so this change, three high, covering about 300 square meters. As the Chung Yeung Festival on the eve of autumn wind blowing, the plant in full bloom, garden Fragrance of chrysanthemum. Ten days ago the Red Army took over the "iron Shanghang," Mao Zedong Linjiang standing on the upper floors, in the face of surging water Ting Jiang, Jiang's days look Liao Kuo, Chujingshengqing, wrote a famous through the ages, "Cai Sangzi Chongyang": "The old life easy Difficult days old, Chung Yeung Sui Sui, the Chongyang again today, especially in the field yellow incense.'s Annual autumn wind Jin May not spring, spring increasingly, Liao Kuo Wan-li Jiang day cream. "Mao Zedong also had Linjiang floor Chung Yeung Festival. Chung Yeung Festival day in Shanghang Li Jia Ci civilian vessels of the union local chef cook-lin holiday custom, he sent Chestnut Braised pork, chicken stewed mushrooms Luan , Braised dishes, and other fans. Frail patients after Mao These eating, repeatedly praised: "delicious! Delicious!" Linjiang front of the building, Jiangan pontoon pier, the century-old banyan tree root-long rock climbing, Climb, Lvyin Blot out the Sun, such as the canopy tower; under the old banyan , Shizhuo a few Zhang Dan Deng, quiet and pleasant. This is the Mao Zedong and Zhu De was playing chess game. , Hong Sijun Zhu De led the capture of "Iron Shanghang" after living in the south Temple, with the floor Linjiang distant relative. "Fujian out" failure, as well as troops in the wrong thinking to breed and spread further, Zhu De and the vast majority of officers and men have gradually realized that can not be separated from the correct leadership of Mao Zedong. As a result, in the past two days on Hangzhou Zhu, Mao often below the old banyan game chat while the situation in western Fujian revolutionary struggle. According to the local people said that Zhu and Mao were a few war game and a few, is that the case had been unable to verify, but Zhu and Mao in this game, no doubt Zhu opened a hair of a new chapter of cooperation, pointing out the direction of the Chinese revolution. ? three to Caixizuodiao Lipa was to encourage women to study the river, is one of the Shanghang Township, from the Chengguan, Furuta in the town are 40 km. Only the river is very familiar with Mao Zedong. At that time, he personally nurtured the Central Soviet Area "in the first model township"; after the Agrarian assigned to the land of farmers to join the Red Army, the cast of "Nine 18 division, "" General town "reputation. He was early in June 1930 and June 1932, November 1933, three times in person before the river, to carry out social investigations, wrote a well-known" before the investigation Rural Township "," The hard facts, and given us a powerful weapon to crush Opportunists cut the nonsense ", set deep into the realities of the communists, investigations and studies, a shining example of seeking truth from facts. In his second National Congress of the Soviet only to the exemplary deeds of Rural Township, called on the entire Soviet people, the unity of millions of people, To establish the real impregnable fortress, the development of the revolutionary war, the eradication of a Counter-revolution, the whole of China to seize victory. River before, never mind the Mao Zedong. One day in 1930, before Mao Zedong came to the river, to convene a forum on behalf of women. At the meeting, he asked with concern: "When men went to the Red Army on the front line, the youngest to take care of you at home, but also production, while supporting the front What are the difficulties encountered? Soviet Government should help you solve the problem? "" Revolutionary base of everything, can assume, is to plow the fields, Tian Shi lack of labor, is difficult because only in the river Also in the history of women in science has never been Lipa, Shi fields! "On behalf of the women were not about With the answer. "You have to organize themselves well, to play the role of women hold up half, get rid of old customs and old habits, to learn how to plow and harrow fields, Tian Shi, the Institute also headed in the future, the housekeeper ah!" Hair inspired by a member of a smile . "Women's Studies Lipa, for fear of cattle, which are not obedient!" "Science does not, afraid of giving Xiao Bai! "Discussions with representatives of women. Mao further encourage members of the women delegates" As long as there is confidence and determination, we will certainly be learned. "Members of the Mao's remarks were made only for the first time in the first women's Creek was led by Fu Niu Plow the fields, school Lipa, Tian Shi, the first woman to make the river before the first cattle production. The other night Women will be opened on behalf of the investigation, that individual lesbian dozed off, then stopped in the hands of members of the hair of a pencil, quipped: "to sleep, and men will be reunited. When the men went to the Red Army, you do not want to like them? Will the heart of free ah? "Women have to see an interesting question, can not help but laugh, again and again Baishou: Would like to think, but do not become heart, a man in front of the dog-fight, we engaged in the production of supporting the front in the rear, are all of one mind in front of the rear revolution! Do not get heart! "After listening to Mao Zedong smiled with satisfaction, Lively atmosphere all of a sudden, nobody had dozed off. During the investigation, Mao Zedong personally to the Red Public inspection field production, participate in the work to help the masses firewood. To hear "bad hole" after the name of the village, his village cadres and the masses said: "The leadership of the Communist Party there will be prosperity, decline in this village were not pit, it is better to be changed to 'pit-fat, all right?" In the village were pleased to To accept. Since then, the "bad hole" into a "fat . "Mao Zedong and the river was not even together, with the" Rural Township to investigate "this brilliant book containing the names and the history books." Nine Army Division 18 "display, one after another, a piece of commemorative items only River of the memorial hall, only to ask the banks of the River "glorious Pavilion", Tingzhong set of "model is the first district Stone, is the witness of history. It is said that Mao Zedong's life only had two booths title character, Changsha is a "love late Pavilion", a river that is only the "glorious pavilion." ? Chairman of the Chairman of the Shan-dong and only Gutian River, is a revolutionary Mao Zedong, have pride of the land. Furuta Hakkoda lights in the village of Song Yin-tang Do not put out. l929-year in December, Mao Zedong live here, He Zizhen in the cold winter night in his pot Shaoqi charcoal fire; pot of hot charcoal fire, a kerosene lamp, such as fireflies flashing, accompanied by a great man spent a sleepless night . Furuta Lai Fangcun into the Association of Spark shine shop. In January 1930, Mao Here in the East story book, "A single spark can start a prairie fire" lit up the Chinese revolution, the way forward. He used the language of poetry in general portrayed the great Chinese revolution: "It is standing on the sea coast look into the distance has been a visible mast cusp of a ship, which is an alpine top of the East From a distance, their views shine Radio emerge in all its splendor of a North Korea-Japan, which is restlessness in the Mufu about the maturity of an infant. This is a small town, there is a "Chairman of the Hill." Furuta site of the right side of the mountain, from afar, like the portrait of Mao Zedong, after the comb his hair, wide forehead, high nose, under the full amount, around world Xu, such as Health, as if the great man quietly thinking, pursuit. Therefore, the locals affectionately known as the "President of the Hill." This is a small town, "Chairman of the hole." And the Association into a shop not far from the Su Shu-Huai Tong Po, the CPC is the former site of the Recorder of western Fujian. In October 1929, led by Zhu De was ordered to attack Hong Sijun Jiang, in place to guide the work of the CPC with Mao Zedong came to the western Fujian authorities recorders Su-po, Shu-Huai in the halls of civilians started primary school, local farmers to teach children literacy, the spread of revolutionary truth. Tang Shu-Huai on the left side of his small attic room, a narrow wooden ladder, low beam, all of the display is a table-lamp Yan. Shu-Huai not far away from the Church, on a hill a dense tree cover an operation was not easy to find the back of the Shenzhen-dong. Mao Zedong was often hole in the rest study. Later, the locals call it, "Chairman of the hole." "Chairman of the hole," I rugged rocks, a foot of a mountain stream acoustic pulse of small brown-brown. Or is it that evening Early in the morning, Mao Zedong and Deng Zihui a stroll in the stream. Asked Mao Zedong, the leader of the responsibility for what? Deng Zihui silent, thinking. A great man, pointing to fields of work Gengzhe, Hill scamper on the lumberjack, with his heavy Hunan accent answered himself, in my view, lacks the leadership skills of the big deal that his task When a good message for the masses, the poor workers and peasants to the requirements of leading agencies, research analysis, and make practical decisions, and then spread to the implementation of the masses. Is not that a great man "from the masses, the masses to" shape the thinking of the flash? Shanghang small, but all the great historical legacy for future generations of maintenance , Recalled. Shanghang is small, but a collection of copies of the memory of a great man, always forever.

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