Thursday, December 4, 2008

Liang Ye mountains Wild Found - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuping town north-east, there is a wild Liang, Liang, also known as the Peak, the ancient home of "Eight Wuping King" in the first, as the "Liang mountains wild," is now the class nature reserve in Fujian Province. Since ancient times, people Wuping seen as a symbol of the Wu-ping. Liang Ye mountains, along the southeast area of more than 7000 hectares, the Millennium sleeping million years, to preserve One in the world full of natural forest communities, rich resources and unique species of the natural landscape. This is a "green pearl." Four roads, every wild-beam. East Road, one of the most convenient and direct access to the car in a natural valley villages, and along a stone path up the mountain. Hill ANGLE Traction of visitors rose, carried away. Old stone home, left standing on the Peak, on the verge of collapse, waiting for the top of every visitors to enjoy unlimited scenery. Usual Shek this, but a magical folklore, read it on earth do the vicissitudes of life, to withstand the storm's wind mill sleep, sculpture beam into the wild soul with the soul. Known as Knowledge of China, Egypt see Pyramid and Xiao, Lin Feng proudly witnessed as long as the mother of the ancient stone, it will blurted, "This is the wild Leung." "Fairy Cave" home away from the ancient stone of about 500 meters, in possession of a steep slope in the desert. According to legend, the Buddha Light here is scheduled to practice. Near Kwu Tung's annihilation by the re - Finishing-de-sac, before the Baiyun Si-site re-see daylight. Fairy Cave people out, top-head long white clouds, thousands still look down at the foot of cliffs, ancient monks can not help but sigh of extraordinary perseverance in this thorny problems, inaccessible Cave Qingxiu years of quiet! Years of vicissitudes, has been in the Tang Dynasty Baiyun Si Destroyed, the remaining sites. But Liang Song Dynasty on the field remains the same Temple. Despite the far Shangao Lu, Xing after crash, but it is still strong incense, Mingzhen Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi. Wuping difficult to flick one rust Baiyun Si in the hearts of the deep-prints now, it has always been like this used to say, Leung said the wild for the Baiyun Si Temple. Sifeng Buddha temple will be light. Buddha will be light The protection of the Hakka people of God, deeply devout people of faith. For thousands of years, the Buddha of Light will be the magic legend in the civil widespread. Possession of a water front, an area more than 3000 square meters, in excellent shape and on top of Office, quietly lying on the small hill surrounded by, the vast shade of the sky, like a fairyland on earth, the sky Yao . Clear blue water, the scenery reflected, as serene, as bright and clean, as Liangze, exciting people. This is the top beam of white wild Lianchi, a wordless scene. Leung's quiet in the wild, Matsukaze Zhu Yun, spring water features, birds Ni-nan, and stands next to the stream of water tankers is not the oldest non-urgent relief to rotate Shi Xiong, Common Sense play melodious sound of stone pestle, reverberated in the valleys, mountains significant benefits with the profound quiet. Dragging tail beautiful pheasant in the distance leisurely jungle in search of food, clever squirrel in the bush and jumping between Guteng variety. Taxus hectares of natural native communities, cathayensis "Liangxiaowucai" combination of the world's rare and endangered Species of maple and a half-Dutch, this tenacious survival of the "living fossil" Ginkgo biloba, added to this rare and wonderful mountain. Wild beams of the United States, the United States in its original and natural, in the United States and its quiet and wild.

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