Thursday, December 4, 2008

North Korea fight Rocks - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changting located 1.5 kilometers south of the foothills and mountains as a result of a boulder, Beidou face and name. Rock on towering old trees, quiet environment, different stones hole, flying overhead Court, "North Korea fight haze" and "Eight Changting". From the foothills along the stone steps and, over the Mid-levels, "Siu-chuen hand," you can not see, "North Korea fight haze" Amount. Ming-generation Shuiyun Um, at the highest hills, a hall Fanzuo Buddha. United has said: "The Buddha asked why Fanzuo, the world refuses to smile back." Hall right there Yu Shu Shibu air pavilion. Bring up the rear with a Cave can be satisfied Shi Shuren, with stone for Maitreya, Dong Ding drops of water in the stone found throughout the year, it is also popular "Buddha rain leakage." In 1933, the Fujian Provincial Committee of North Korea fight Rocks permitted, held a fourth "anti-campaign" an emergency meeting. North Korea fight Rocks under Nanzhai Square, is in March 1929 for the first time Hong Sijun million in the General Assembly held Fujian's Square. Red the following year in the third, fourth, the 12th Army in the "Nanzhai reorganization."

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