Thursday, December 4, 2008

Huaxiang Flower Search - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yongfu trip, with the "flower" of the appointment. Fujian has two large natural garden, Xiamen is a "sea gardens", Yongfu and the other is the "Alpine Garden." Yongfu, the southernmost tip of the Fujian Branch of the mountain basin, Zhangping City is a high mountain village and township: mountains, Yimapingchuan |, like spring all year round, " Mountain "in the world. Here is worthy of a country of the 10 flower production base, filled with flowers of every breath, every play up the color of the flower. Yongfu into, as you move into a colorful world. Garden, Tian Long, is to spend, the Housing Behind the former, the shop on the street is spent; see the eyes of flowers, mouth, "chew" is , Nasal smell of the flowers is; red, white, purple, yellow, the color of $ colorful orchids, Mrs Magpie, Daphne, Tieshu, camellia flowers, and other types of more than 100 more than 1000 varieties seen, there is no Seen before, said David Card of the well-known, Jiaobu Chu's name, variety is wide. Here, only to experience the ancient words "chaos To become fascinating eye "in a taste. Yongfu" Nianhuarecao "is not the time-hing, has 700 years of history. In the early Southern Song Dynasty, Yongfu produced orchids, camellias, Daphne, and other flowers were already firefly southern sound, money When sold on behalf of the Southeast Asian countries. It is said that Chia-ching for eight years, Zou Li Yongfu Sin Temple to the court Gong treasures of the pot-blue heart, flowering seasons, fragrant overflowing, so that Wong Yuet Yan Tai, and Cifeng "Jinbao champion." Local genealogy is documented in this Anecdotes, and local widely famous "Eight Immortals" one of the Huaxian Tieguai Li Yongfu and the myths and legends, the disclosure of details of the Huaxiang Yongfu. Flowers for the edge. Yongfu and uncompleted Inextricably linked with that interpretation of the rich and colorful flowers and legendary stories. Flowers for the media. Flowers bear the Yongfu, "Magpie Flower of Chinese Du villages," the fruits, flowers and achievements of the party Yongfu economy. With flowers, Yong Zhu Yongfu Fuxiang g with flowers, Yongfu always to the benefit of people. The search took Yongfu, take a look at the color, smell Floral smell, a James James, "Hua Xiang," Blessed are a blessing!

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