Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve is located, Jianyang, shiny three counties (cities) at the junction, 52 kilometers long from north to south, east 22 km wide, around 570 square kilometers. More than 1,000 meters above sea level there are 377 peaks, of which 1,500 meters above 112, 2000 meters above 7, Feng Huang Gangshan 2158 meters, Mount Wuyi is the highest peak pulse, known as "the roof of East China." As the steep mountains, many peaks, not only blocking the cold north-west of the invasion, and the interception of the warm ocean currents, so that wind around the region all year round clouds, rainfall, temperature and humidity climate, is typically in the sub-tropical.
Protected areas, forest coverage reached 92%, mainly coniferous forest, evergreen broad-leaved forest, mixed coniferous and broad bamboo, Phyllostachys pubescens, shrub forest, coppice mountain, coniferous forest, and other categories 7. In particular about the type of bamboo in more than 80, accounting for one-third of the types of bamboo. Some plant species , 4 thousands, the name has been Section 149 of the 1800 kinds of higher plants, such as ginkgo, Liriodendron autumn, the South Iron shirt, yew, Cephalotaxus, maple and a half-Dutch, silver and planting trees, water, and other song, "Natural Garden" The said.

In the region amounted to more than 400 kinds of wild animals, 100 kinds of vertebrate animals in South China Tiger has, monkeys, Tufted deer, Elliot's pheasant, Cabot's Tragopan, pangolins, Su Ling, and other countries to protect animals and rare or uncommon in the country's mustache Sung toad (also known as the strange angle), Brentisentis Hold fast to Rhizomys, Cuora and the salamander, Hyla, and so on. Tun is linked to migratory birds along the North-South migration of the rest, is the world's birds The largest source of one of the regions, about 300, Hailed as "birds of paradise."

Otake Lan is the world's biological mode of production samples, "Insect World" and "Kingdom of the snake." National Insect 32 heads of Section 1000, and the name of this place has had 31 heads of more than 300 . The snakes here than in Dalian on the Snake than a snake. Section 5 has been found to have 26, one of China's unique opera snakes ? ? acutus have more than 500,000. No wonder many experts and scholars amazing that in one place the survival of so many species, which is rare in the world.

Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve, the National Nature Reserve, one of the key 5. Mountain ride ? ? ? ? Shaowu protected areas of the car, you can experience the magic of her landscape.

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