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Hill covered floating scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill, also known as floating cover covered mountains, is located in Pucheng County, set-ting Liu Heung Village in the east, covering an area of 10 square kilometers, the main peak 1146 meters above sea level. It is like a pendulum in the northwest end of the first to the south-east of the dragon, the top three in Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi border. Xu Ming traveler Fujian five times, twice from King traveled extensively in the mountains, and in the mountains Dayun Wrote a "floating swim gebel", spoke highly of the float covered mountains, "Shi Ying marks, Juan ran lovely. Feng love ring out, the only true victory."

Hill is to build floating granite landforms. In the long geological history, as a result of natural forces, the formation of the unexpected Qi, the man rocks slope of the unique landscape, and then lining To the lush green pines and cypresses, the Four Seasons does not withered features Jian Quan, the great power of nature in the three provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang-Jiangxi border created this Qixiu the mountains and rivers.

  Floating Hill area covered a total area of about 10 square kilometers, the main peak of Bi-Mei Shi Feng together in the "6 meters, has been foothills of the mountains 30 km road, large and small - 000.
  Hill covered floating mountain by ancient granite pose. In the long geological history, as a result of a variety of natural forces, crack rock fall off, forming a towering Qi, the man rocks slope of the unique landscape; set off again to the green and luxuriant pines Bamboo, summer and winter is not tied trace of brown Jian Stephen, so natural in Fujian and Zhejiang border On a piece of this beautiful mountains and rivers. Ming Dynasty, China's great geographers, travelers Xu Fujian for the first leg of the tour is the Hill. He was floating covered mountain scenery attracted by CMV, in the mountains to hang around for a few days, "Xu's Travels" left a beautiful text.

  Hill covered most of the floating It is the characteristics of the rocks and Qi. More than 10 visitors at the foot of the mountain where, far from being able to peak Shirengou saw a similar danger of Xian Weng Gaozuo crown in guarding the border provinces; Kuxiao that Schott and plow with the plow into the sky peak; and knuckle Albert is the peak Seonjang is as if the visitors to spirit: Bi Shi Feng peak near the top of the pine Service Rock crouch like a lion, suddenly seems to be a head onto the peak; there are natural rock that formed stacked tired of the board is very much like a huge stone walled castle, and visitors can follow the convoluted cracks in the rock Climb on top ... .... With the circuit to Singapore, Yan Feng as a result of these changes in perspective, were also Fundus visitors A different image, it is a sigh incessantly praise. In particular, the slope of the Shochiku a pair of thick, those strangely shaped boulder, to twenty meters high, ranging from small 35 meters, and some, like barberry Wo Hu, and some, such as Rubi ball, while others, such as 10 minutes If the drum ... ... It is strange, different patterns. These large and small rock Squeeze hard squeeze hard, again and again at various levels Diego, support each other, forming twists and turns, Huminghuan the cave, it was not as limestone cave Shen You, however, visitors to one side but without the lights on the one hand and fully experience "Yu-dong," the taste. Xu was the only monks in the way people pay fuel under the Stone Cave Tour, is Visual rock in the vicinity of a deep Yanxi, visitors from only one person out of the hole's body hanging down, inside the lower end of the capacity on March 5, but narrower upwards, San Wushi meters above, only one person Based on their sides, as a result of long and narrow-body and a crude rock Liangbi Dragonscale You Si, Dong Ding and a clear spring pulse in detail and, therefore, of the ancients "Dragon Stone", which is floating Hill covered only a "dark" in Qidong.

  Floating cover in the mountains, said to have a built in the Tang Dynasty and has a strong incense Fan Yu - Cloud Temple. The temple is a Buddhist temple in relief Ning, Japan was said to be empty of people crossing the sea Master Min, the north central plains has Over here. Although the temple has experienced vicissitudes of life for thousands of years, who is also basically the size of the original, with the exception of incense ceremony, has always been seekers can explore, visitors to officials and appreciation of the scenery floating geb stop o Xu was to travel, they stayed three days in the temple .

  To build floating in the foothills near the junction of the two provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang, Works with a history of the pass - Maple Ridge clearance. This related to control three provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi, before the opening of the road, thousands of years the people of the three provinces has been the only channel between each other. Today, its original role came to an end, the entire pass only remaining closed. However, visitors to this, the stop before the Chinese, at the foot of a two-meter-wide stone Road, Wang jumped villages in the provinces of the country, many hills, Heritage and the rise and fall, of nostalgic tone Shizherusi can not help but felt.

  Hill covered float is also advantageous geographical location, and it's important Banbi southeast China's scenic highway all the same? Well be described as "up to four people." This straight-through to the north of Zhejiang Province Xin'anjiang Lake, about 200 km away from: the northwest along the lines of National Highway 205 to Huangshan in Anhui, about 250 km; West Highway to be straight again and again in Jiangxi Province - Sanqingshan, Lung Fu Shan, and other famous Taoist (about 150 km away, respectively, and 200 km): To the south-west highway to pass Wuyishan, the distance of about 130 public ; This drive to the east of Fujian Province, Fujian Tai Laoshan Scenic Area, about 300 kilometers north-east to the highway have direct access to the capital of Zhejiang Province famous green, sword capital city of Longquan, is only 140 km away. Yu Kwok-hing's not possible this guests are free to choose, and then towards the future.

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