Thursday, December 4, 2008

West Tien Hou Pei - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the West Wing Ding Gao Pei Pei rural village. Ming Jiajing built in 21 years (1542), the first year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1662) completed. Brick, take Southern North, an area of 6435 square meters. By the door of the stage, Treasure Palace Museum and board the composition of the cloud. The main tower of the palace building for days, up to 40 meters, 7th Floor, Natural dry-stone block, the side-wall 1.1 meters thick, the bottom of the main hall, 6.5 meters high, 14.4 meters long, 12 meters wide, and 4 great circle in the middle of wooden pillars, supporting the focus of the tower. Zhudian days after worship (Matsu). Second, there are three around the corridor, four, five-story brick used by the four-to-P Plus , Six, seven great circle in the middle used to build wooden pillars, wooden boards for walls, the gourd is the top-top, with a round cylinder Mingci Lei Cheng. Towering tower, cornices at the top level with dozens of Tong-ling, the wind ringing, sonorous music. Tower under the care tower room 36, before the tower for the big hall, the tower is post-Deng Yun Hall Museum, the courtyard, the entrance door A permanent stage, was a three-dimensional semicircle-shaped hole, the structure of the Kit Kat, Our Lady's birthday every year to pray at this stage, the extraordinary excitement.

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