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Tung Yuen Road, Kwun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Profile: Tung Yuen is located in Mountain River 6, a very deep here and poor, old quarry area into the door Xiang Yi, Fu Li-door tactfully, water streams under the stone bridge, with Ping Kuang Hu, released back to the sun-tan cloth out hole, surrounded by Hill, Taolin Pianpian; Tianchou can be one or two acres, Tao Yuan-ming's works like "Xanadu", it got its name. History: Founded in Taoist Tianbao years of the Tang Dynasty (742-756), Mount Wuyi is the time to attract a large number of Faerie said Gao came to live practice. Huiji female crown Conn, Chuang, Yip's (later called San Juan Yuanjun) Wuyi to practice together, after all Jiemao Taoyuan in the hole and into the development side of the reclusive Masquerade Soil, forest peach tree. Song Chen Shitang, Gao Zheng Wu Yang Lian did the UN works, Taoism Nanzong Legend Baiyu Chan Yuen lived Alchemy is also a real person. Liu Wen Yuan Dynasty, when the expansion Jane Temple, Om three main officials from the three Great, Liu Wen-Chien, and other public statues. Ming, Yuen Road, Kwun has been known, is the Mountain View Road, one of the principal. When the construction of the San Qingdian, Yuanjun Hall of San Juan, the three officials Palace, Temple Zhenwu, Niangniang Temple, the Temple, and so on merit Hall, a hall covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, high-Xiu Zhen Road Home of the election here; Ming Wu Shi "Road To Yuen Tung's visit," a poem: "... ..., the poor are the source of the Middle Kingdom, The Masquerade-off on February 3; non-Biqin Masquerade, habitat Lian Xin Jing ; Springfield cut a self-farming, food and clothing without cable; pneumatic Brown Flowers, Yu Guo Miao medicine pick. "Taoist run-down after a decline of the Qing Dynasty, the temple has a number of collapse. In 25 years (1936), Mr. Hu Wenhu with his well-known Chinese navy commander, Mr. Savimbi ice in the town to play the Dachaoshan, see Taoist old and broken, when Mr. Hu 500 Ocean as a donation rehabilitation funds, and together wrote "Taoyuan" horizontal inscribed board hanging on in the Mountain Gate. Taoist after the "Cultural Revolution" destroyed, leaving only the middle of an empty hall.

Situation: in 1990, Taoyuan Taoist temples have been approved for opening to the outside world. Fujian Provincial Bureau of Religious Affairs of great importance to the revitalization of Taoism , And introduced the three graduated from the Institute of the China Taoist priests to the Fujian Wuyi Mountain View Road, Taoyuan to carry out the work of the Senate, the Taoyuan Taoist temples as one of the priorities of the province. In 1991, the Taoist view of the great hall to live in-house to renovate and northern Fujian with precious cedar wood carving yew --- three ancestral Province icon, like high First Five-Year Plan rice, fine carving; assembly Taxus altar, copper incense burner, candlestick and religious supplies, to carry out normal religious activities.

In 1993, according to Taoist Provincial People's Government promulgated the "Fujian Province registered sites for religious activities Provisional Regulations", approved to grant certification of registration, cultural activities full of Taoism Exhibition. In July 1995, Taoyuan Road, Mount Wuyi scenic view and to raise funds lithography is currently the world's largest Yandiao Laojun on March 4, 1996 held a grand opening ceremony, the China Taoist Association, the provincial, city leaders presided over the opening ceremony , More than three thousand believers at home and abroad attended the opening ceremony. Laojun icon 16 meters, 11 meters wide, 10 meters thick; lifelike statues solemn, an air of affable, smooth lines and natural, comfortable free and easy, stay away from the scene.

Architecture: To Yuen Tung Road, covering an area of about rehabilitation of view of more than 6000 square meters, a San Qingdian Zhudian, Yu Huangdian, Lingguan Hall Shanmen (central part), left San Juan Yuanjun a side hall in a palace hall, the Hall of Zhenwu, the Hall of the three officials, such as Cangjing Ge composition of the hall. As the saying goes followers to carry out Road Works and Housing Xiuzhen Temple as well as personnel training and promotion of Taoism Taoism culture places. Taoyuan in 1995 and Mountain View Road area to raise funds lithography is currently the world's largest Yandiao Laojun.

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