Friday, December 5, 2008

Hao Long Mountain Resort Zhuhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hao Zhu Hai Long Mountain Resort is located in Wuyi Mountain National Tourism Resort Village, Jiang Yuan, the 5-km area from the north-east from Mountain Airport 15 minutes, the train station only 20 minutes, and convenient transportation.
Long Hao Zhu Hai River Resort is located in Chongyang, with mountains and water, not only to look Wuyi scenery win, and Wuyi Mountain is the only one pole million punishable by a forest of bamboo valuable to the ecological characteristics of the landscape, with more than 100 acres of bamboo forest, dozens of rare species of bamboo, non-"Zhu Hai" to describe his spectacular scenes.
Resort has a three-star standard configuration of the rooms and a restaurant-style. Comfortable accommodation, restaurants unique, other wooden wild, vague , Outdoor barbecue, Fresh articulate. More customs performance, luxury Leisure Creek edge of the floating restaurant, tourism and entertainment, such as assault boats, are exclusive Mountain Resort features.
Wuyi Mountain is the first batch of Chinese natural and cultural Shuangyi Chan, Chongyang the banks of the well-preserved primeval forest, river floating restaurant tour's Margin of the whole 2 Hours, you can most out of cross-strait Chongyang Creek Pinnacle mountains, towering trees, with peak water transfer, step-for-King differences, so that you are dizzying. "Thousands of rock face," "General Stone," "water stone turtle," "old Tan Buddha," all sorts of strange feeling, can not but feel the magic of nature's creatures. If the Zhong in the drum, even the clouds Around, Rulin in Wonderland.
Zhuhai resort stay, Tang Yang in the landscape, overlooking the shallow end of fish Xiang, Yang Ao bird-watching the sky, Zhou even take up the clean water, natural feel and experience the ecological, physical and psychological fear Yue. . . . . .
Long-ho Zhuhai Resort tour with a friend, the best choice for family leisure!

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