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Tai Laoshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Laoshan Fujian and Zhejiang at the junction of the Fuding City in Fujian Province, 45 km away from the urban area, Xiong Zhi in the East China Sea, Ocean Shores Qingchuan, Shanhai dependencies, Xiuba proud, magnificent, unique scenery and renowned for their "sea Xiandu "Known.

Country Tailao Shan key scenic spots to watch an area of 92.0 Square kilometers, to protect an area of 200 square kilometers, is punishable by a granite peak forest featuring caves, melting mountain, sea, Sichuan and the human landscape in one of the key national scenic spots, is divided into Yue Tai Laoshan, Qingchuan Beach, nine river carp Waterfall, Fu Yao Islands, the five scenic Lake fields, in addition to the city of cold castle, Switzerland Temple of the two spots, with Hill Jun, Shi Qi, different holes, show the river, waterfall and many other urgent natural landscape as well as ancient temples, such as tablets rich human landscape, visitors will be able nearby mountain, sea view, caving, river pan, search Ancient folk songs ... ....

Chow Tai Laoshan area: 24.6 square km area, too Shan scenic spot of the essence. According to the "Chi Tai Laoshan" records: the old name was Tai Laoshan Mountain, the Yellow Emperor Huang, Cheng Yung-sen Road taste of habitat. Han Lie, "peach in mind," contained: when a teenage Yao Lan species here, after Sally, as a result of too Hill home. According to the "Annals of Fujian," set: Han Dongfang Shuo Diming granted the world famous, "Mother," "basking" Xiyue called God.

Tang and Song Dynasty Tailao Shan in on a very prosperous, has a long history, many temple, leaving a lot of history seekers can explore the ruins. There are more important figure in the Southern Song Dynasty Confucian scholar Zhu Xi, Zheng Qiao historians, the provincial governor of the Tang Dynasty Lin Song, Tai Fu Xue Order of Prince Edward, anti-Ming Yu's Dayou, Li Pengju, Chien Ching Pak, who martyred in the Opium War in Zhenhai of Zong Bing Chao-fat, Admiral Sa early years of the Republic of ice in the town and others. Um Yuhu, Xuanji hole for the seclusion of Zhu Xi, a book, Song Cliff still has stone; there are dozens of Tang and Song Ming and Qing Dynasties stone Department; cold down the mountain for the city to give lectures Zheng Qiao, also a Scholars Hunan Yang Ti Xing Ji's home, the foot of the mountain town of Lantau Qin Kang Wo Ming Dynasty is one of the ancient battlefield.

Nanshan Northern Tailao Shan Shan has 36 temples, with country-hing, Bai Yun, a tile, Xiangshan, Ruiyun, Lingfeng, banana, such as the King of the largest temple. This country Hing Temple on the site of the surviving large-scale columns Tang Root 260, a front-leng flail and stone pagoda pond, and many have carved animals, flowers, the stone, Fujian Department of Cisi captaincy general statement Xinzi draw too basking spot map, showing Zou Ming Emperor Li Longji, after the playing of the quasi - Qian Fu of the Tang Dynasty four years of construction. A tile of the temple too Niangniang basking stone, built in the Tang system, its title engraved inscription: "Yao is too closed basking Stupa mother, "nine words, thanks for the title of emperor. Baiyun Si-hui of the towers, the Ming Yongle 15 years, the monks buried the monk Hui-ming. Baiyun Si after the peak of Mount Xiao, Stone Temple Mani said, only Zhang Xu , Next to ancient. Persian Mani Manichaeism was founded, years of the Tang and Song were introduced to China, here is likely to be left behind Manichaeism . Su said that "too much basking in the first Temple," Rui Yun Temple, was founded in Houjinshijing Tong Fuk days the first year, contains nearly 1,000 years ago, still has a considerable scale.

Tai Laoshan also have a glorious revolutionary history, for the first time in the Revolutionary War, Ye Fei, Li Yu, Liu Ying, and other comrades have been carried out in this guerrilla war, Soviet building, basking too important for the foreign activities of the base; member of the foot of the mountain when the village is the birthplace of the CPC County Committee Fuding.

According to research geologist, basking too rock for the granite, is a late Yanshan, is the geological history of the Mesozoic Period product of about Yi Yinian ago. Due to changes in the earth's crust, was something near and north-south water Three sets of each of the vertical direction of joint development, the formation of weathering-rounded, spherical, jagged, castle-like, plate, and other columnar shape, Qi Zuozuo Kuaikuai with rocks and criss-crossing the caves, and so on, all of the form . A total of Tailao Shan Xiao Xiao-rock reached 360 King. Xiao Some people, such as: husband and wife rock Second on by the Buddha, Erxian games, Maitreya Tan Fu, monks worship, Rohan rock, stone, such as Journey; Xiao-some, such as: nine carp in the air, saw an immortal board, Herbie wall-climbing, monkey-yu as a mirror, Gold Mop rat, rabbit listen to the tide, plunging mouth askew, the Golden Rooster herald the break of day, a piece of tile, stone Cattle, and so on, with some color myths, such as: basking too up Stone, S Yun Shi, flying stone, Wang Xian Qiao, and so on, the ancients had been Tsan: "It goes without basking stone, like all works of God, with the Italian people know, in Vientiane, have a good idea." Tai Laoshan in the granite peak forest in-house development was also a series of large-scale crack-dong corridor, which criss-cross holes, deep twists and turns, the census there are a variety of holes 1 More than 0. If you want to traverse the various holes, it takes 28 days, and some holes I need to enter a day. These features hole, and some down an extension through the sea, the sea called hole; some upward climb, up to "nine carp in the air," Stone top, said sky-hole; some water throughout the year, Dishui Dong said. Some stoned Diego base, Dong Ding Rock level visitors back into the fold and take Gongyao, known as the three Zheyao; hole some sets of holes, unfathomable magic, called Shen Xiandong; some considerable hole, the sea is expected to have some well-to-deposit Dan Some have Longtan, the small capacity of only a few people a rest, the capacity of thousands of people, even to build the flats and Taiwan Pavilion, Pavilion, a few others Jian small hole in the convergence, gurgling water, spring water BUZZ. The hole in all of the most fantastic, most Yixian Tian, Seven holes, 18 holes General. Yixian Tian, is truly a fine line days, the 60-meter-long, 37 meters high, steep and narrow road, only one person and on their sides, natural wonders; seven star steep rock-dong, Open the front line, on 7 embedded rock, like a star, the marvelous world; General eighteen holes is 18-hole formed group may be, can, can be left, right, the hole is expected to be the sea and watching days, Linglong rocks inside the cave, winding Guteng, then on board the summer tour, very cool and comfortable.

  "Cloud Melaleuca love setting risk "is too true portrayal of Basking Qi. 54 Tai Laoshan mountain above sea level to focus on more 500-900 meters, which rise amid staggered, Jun Qiao rocks, the formation of the valley, cliff, into the abyss, a circuitous path to peak, the Labyrinth You pass, Zhang Chi, and taste. Peak as high as 917 meters from the sea, through Profile forceful in a critical situation, like a huge screen where they stand, magnificent momentum. High view of the sea from the Gulf, the island, sail fish, fresh in our memory ... ... Ouniao, Yamashita cottage garden panoramic view, it is refreshing. Due to abundant water vapor over the oceans, sunny morning when, in the Gulf, the rising clouds foothills, such as soft Qingsha risks, Wind around the valley, when San-time, fast changing, magnificent; peak exposed above the sea of clouds, the time when they are hidden, go impermanence, like a fairyland on earth; in the pre-dawn darkness after the first-line the horizon in the East China Sea Wei Lu Yu Dubai And then red, then a red gushing out from under the sea level, rising, is only They all cheered people, passionate excitement.

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