Friday, December 5, 2008

Wuyi Snake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Snake Park is located in Wuyi Mountain scenic city in the region, covers an area of 18 acres, will include Wuyi Institute of snakes and snake-like ecological pool, specimen room, Lu Xiangting, reception room, exhibition hall, and other products, snakes and other service centers, At present, is the largest state to be one of the snake park, Fujian Province, is specializing in breeding snakes research, medical , Training, tourism, scientific exploration, processing, trade, as well as snakes product development as one of the private enterprises, has been the provincial Science and Technology Commission, the Association for Science and Technology as "the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Enterprise", "popular science education base in Fujian Province", was wild in Fujian Province Animals identified as "snakes breeding in Fujian Province, culture, education, scientific research base." Wu Park has built a snake park has more than 30 of the central leadership at home and abroad and celebrities come to visit the snake park inspections, and certainly, a number of national media organizations reported the profile of Wuyi snake park, at home and abroad, to a certain extent.
Wuyishan City has a wealth of resources, snakes, 62 types of species of snake species in the national More than one third, as the "Kingdom of the snake." Wuyi is a snake park and scientific research, domestication, tourism development, science education into a comprehensive snake park, known as "the epitome of the Kingdom of the snake." Visit the snake park to understand the evolution of the snake, the type of snake, the snake culture, Snakebite prevention and treatment, snakes and human relations, by Protection of ecological awareness.
There are a lot of in-kind, specimens, photographs, images, with more than 10 full-time instructors, the popularity of snakes and ecological knowledge; students to receive internship study, exposing students to "a snake and nature" and "Snakebite and anti-government" and other popular science lectures ; Raising snakes and technical personnel training to help rural areas Chung Yang-rich snake.

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