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Chou water - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chou water area at the foot of the mountain huotong support to the banks of the rural population Hung Chu Chau Village, Chau Chu said the history of the ancient Chou.

Gu-Chou has a long history, ancient folk customs, unique architecture, Shun River cottage built the mountain cliffs, overlooking thousands of fish may overlap, the reflection up the house, a village water, water for the next Walled picturesque beauty. Villagers here also Unique skills - canoe surfing, they all stand hand-held Penny's canoe (single bamboo) above the downstream reefs around the split wave is very spectacular. Chou and downstream from the ancient huotong down to the town, 20 km Yan Xi, Zhou had 30 9 Seto, the torrent washed over dangerous shoals, and not fear risk, risk not pose a unique danger Current style.

Chou Gu, commonly known as Chau Chu, famous for its beautiful scenery. Chou landscape both ancient and unique landscape, the famous writer Bing Xin wrote was: "Chou scared of water." Pingnan in Ningde, Nanping governance and the river confluence of the two counties and I hung under the Admiralty Ducun Xikou, and along the ancient Yi Dao, Sishili There, "Hui Zhao before it is too late," "Admiralty to review", "Zhu Lian-volume", "Fish Creek St. Well" and "Jian double rainbow drink", "Chu Dong Hornets," and "bride Xia Jiao" "Floating Pearl India", 8 natural landscape. Yanxi drifting down, Thirty Gose 9 scared and not dangerous, all the way "with small river water whirl, the vertical range upon range of hills Tsui," Qi, Holes, rocks, Diepu, pools, towering 100 years old banyan endless, and so on. If the Zhong in the season, by Chou and boating, cross-strait Yamahana in full bloom, rhododendron first competition; late autumn season, autumn, red leaves whirling.

General on top, overlooking the world famous natural harbor and Australia are the three, only the boundless sea and sky Looking around, and followed by Fengfeng, orderly; Jimu South Vision, but see "Taijiao monkeys" and "Dream flower pen", "18-degree", "Sin-break," Zhu Feng, albeit not very clearly; looking down at the front of the mountain Hill, Ling Ling sets, stacked rock rock, the magnificent, absolutely not Miangen.

Chou ancient age-old villages Surrounded by stone, arable soil, the first River, Peng Xie degree of Health. "Cliff along the river, built in the Ming Dynasty of ancient residential construction strange, ancient Su, like" fish-scale dry-stack, high and low value-yu, "Rendezvous reflection, add radiance to each other. Along Heng Kong paved the ancient village of stone, rock rising Street, to Xu, such as mountain breeze into the street days. Wu temple Yin Gong temple of the ancient wall paintings, stone village before the flag, post-clearance stage when the story of legendary folk artist, vivid charm. Ming and Qing Dynasties, the old Jiao Cheng Chou is leading to the field of ancient Yi Dao-commerce and distribution, once bustling, Furuta, Pingnan, Songxi, governance, Shouning County, and other types of goods, especially salt, by the water Chau Chu and out. The prosperity of the water traffic, creating a human-Chou Fei-zhou skills --- water, canoe surfing. Seto had a boat insurance, but see the old ship Duanhe thundering public, and that's a few, roaring waves, spray blow against our faces. More young and old canoe into the village water surf boat, fighting dangerous shoals, the world can be a way to make visitors to sigh Only.

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