Friday, December 5, 2008

Xiamenyujing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kip Wells door and fisheries: the city of Fuding Kip doors She Zuxiang fishing Xia Ding Village is located at the junction of the coastal salient. You Shi Qi Dong village, Lantau reef more than the United States. Large deep-rock cliffs, simple folk, lush seafood. As a result of reef beach two wells are connected to the sea and named after. Imura fishing on the sea traffic is particularly prominent position has always been important for the military It Jing Wan fish population control, and fisheries brief well - Yu Road landscape. Zheng He's fleet was also passing through here, great power and prestige. Said veteran fisherman, jumped the end of Lantau, there are remains of sunken ships. This is the world's sea, beautiful scenery and unique. Three sea island - the island on fire, the coffin mountain, jump the end of Lantau, Jing Wan fish and fisheries well -- Road landscape separately. Bay, the micro-world of sea water, do not panic and wavelet; Bay, the tide waves, monstrous big wave. Looking view, the size of Yu Shan fresh in our memory, Seven Islands, the sun faintly discernible Island. If the float parade in the sea, on board the Lantau Island, the other is a flavor that can reward Tianchi, grassland, an umbrella reef, penholder, such as Jing Shi-dong wonders, Sand riding pickers take the road rockery. The sunny morning and watch the sunrise at sea, it is absolutely wonderful. Well the United States and sea fishing, rock even more surprising. Coast to the mountains, is the Rock Hill, Rock Hill, such as large, monolithic block of rock from the hillside into the sea, like a giant aircraft Xunyang, very spectacular. Slope, ridge, Jian Gu, boulder Lin, or independent, or linked, or queue, or the accumulation; or sitting, or statutory, or lines, or walk; there are pillars, Shek Pik, stone, a stone bell; like chicken, like snakes, turtles, like, like ... ... Snails. Various shapes, strange, not net, there are well-known pneumatic rock, flying stone, rock garden edge, dice cents, to sit well concept Southern Tianyi column, Golden Sea Point, Heng Kong born, although turtle life, try immortal sword, pterosaur wall, the husband and wife Feng, Pan pig, and so on dozens of sites, so that the width. The cave linked Dong He is also the same odd risk, non-force courage, not to pay homage to. Fish in the well. Island to North Korea, the vast Sea, stop anywhere, octahedral The wind, relaxed and happy, but do not forget to return home.

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