Friday, December 5, 2008

Om Shan Temple Lingquan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Om Shan Tam is the first East Hill, Jianyang City area from about 8 km, the highest peak "1020 meters above sea level. Extremely board, Jianyang, Jianou, Wuyishan landscape panoramic view. Om Shan mountains because there are so named Um. Gufeng Only large, like Yi Wan Shan, 4:00 scenery, Johnson pleasant burn. Lingquan Temple of the main attractions are closing knife Gap, Sally Dressing, green guests with disabilities, on King waves, and cypress mandarin duck, crane mother Sally, Long Tan King 18, and so on.
Lingquan Temple was built in the Tang Zhenguan years. Wanli Ming, Yi Ren Xiu Fu Guozhen expansion of the deaf. Qing Emperor Yongzheng of the Decade (1732) by the House of the Temple. 30 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1765), Yi Ren Fu - Chang Fu Kachin tax renewal. Lingquan Temple at triple the door, a heavy door of the Song Dynasty stone left a couplet: "Mountain Gate in recent days, this valve has Penglai Shi Zhi Xian Weng"; 2 stone left Hengpi "Lingquan Monuments"; three left Hengpi stone "Shengjing springs." For the temple worship the statue of San Juan Yuanjun. This legendary San Juan Department of Yuanjun Yu Xiao Qian people, Liu Yongzhi, Li (who did not detail) and others of three daughters. They Xinfo primality, good martial arts training, with teachers to study, as close as sisters. At that time, the area in northern Fujian, rampant piracy, robbery fiscal harassment, three women out of righteous indignation, public organizations, the fight against piracy. Pirates put down after three people in the immortal practice. For the local people They read, the statue for worship, and to declare the imperial court, the court closed for three Yuanjun San Juan. Royal Secret Inspector "Yau Man to defend the country," reads so far in Utah. Lingquan Temple before and after the Millennium Cryptomeria 6.

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