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Shan branch temple to the Millennium Hua Yansi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ningde Huo child support to Hill at Ningde more than 40 km north-west Department. According to Buddhism, "Buddha by Kegon home goods," set: "The mountains southeast of the fine-sounding name to support the existing crown-day Buddha, with a thousand families who are resident said." "To support" the Department of Buddhist terminology, "Zhu said that all Poly merit in which the people of the world in order to reflect the diversity Fu , To support Xijie respectful "(" Big Day Sutra "). As a result, Hill was to support Buddhist-day crown as the Buddha preaching of the gym said, and" not to support monk Wang Wei ", said.

To support mountain, more than 700 meters above sea level. Hundred miles around, pulling peaks, the peaks overlap range upon range of hills, streams vertical flow. Hua Yansi where , The arch ring around the peaks, like Lotus Chiba, just in the Temple and bring on a good show KIWI-hung, one of the scenes. Many of the Cave Hill Chuan Lin, known to the Buddhist terms, such as the Fugen peak, Feng Wei Mo, Feng Buddha, Quantum day, Di Shi Feng, Feng alms bowl, Sha Rock, Xianglu Feng, Li Cave, Stephen mannose, and so on, and Monastery in the mountains Li, a small Temple, Temple Sianfong, Sin Temple, Gan Lusi, Narayana Temple Cave, and so on, deserves to be called the "Fujian Dongyue" and "Sin nest Buddha Cave" reputation. Hua Shan Temple as a support to the Buddhist center outside of which has more than 1,000 years.

Huayan Si, also known as Hua Temple, the Buddhist region of the Han nationality for the key One of the hospital, founded in 2004, Song Kai Bao (971 AD), due to the Tang Dynasty monk Korea release yuan in the form of this song say, "Kegon through." Song Dynasty, the imperial court has Chici "Kegon Temple" and "Temple Yong Xi" in the name; Chici also in the Ming Dynasty "China Tibetan Monastery" and "Wan Temple" in the name. Lv Jing Hua Yansi Rise and Fall of the vicissitudes of life On behalf of all the ancient temples for the monks Chongguang devoting myself to. According to Chi Temple recorded as many as 20 to 30 people in the Tang Dynasty, such as meta-table, the net, the Song of the White yuan, Liao Wu, long debate, of the Yuan Chu-ping, Cheng Kam, affect the Ming Dynasty, moved to the sky Tu, Chiao-yun, far from the door of the Qing Dynasty, through a letter, and so do not get any. Temple is still a tower of the eastern side of the monument, Wen said, Albrecht Chee Ming Chung Hsing Chi-National Division to move large tower. "Big move Master, a round die-hui, Su Xing Yang, Yan Du (now Beijing), left guard next to the son of Yong-Qing, 19-year-old monk, the first year of Wanli Ming empress dowager as a result of a dream Buddha and the crown-day ceremony called into the mountains to support Chung-hing, which lasted 9 years after death, people tower built to commemorate. Sticks to Temple Mountain Gate It was built in the Ming Dynasty, "Hill best in the world," the amount of the Department of Yongle Emperor Ming Chici now Dianqian "Hua Temple" horizontal inscribed board, is president of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao pro title. In the Main Hall of Buddha enshrined in the very characteristics, which is the Buddha Sakyamuni, Zhangliujinshen, Jia Fuzuo end, the formation of a solemn like; on the right side for the hand-held Lin, by six white teeth as the Samantabhadra; on the left hand as well Bao, taking advantage of the Qingshitan Manjusri like. The middle of the hall dedicated to the Buddha Vairochana. This Buddha statue for the next 25 years Wanli (1597 AD) to court copper treasures of gold, weighing about heavy for the two-round hollow body. The Buddha-end In the lotus pedestal, wearing a Golden Delicious, Pilu into Indian hands, face and peace, and that shiny.

Ming Dynasty Temple of the existing iron-day crown as the Buddha (commonly known as St-day crown thousand Buddha), the Department of Ming Yongle of the Ming Chengzu for Ren-Xiao thanks to the empress dowager, the total number of the original 1000, is still 947. Respect for every 20 public , About 33 centimeters high. Gassho or its shape, or node Jiafu Zuo, China and India Samadhi or node, was listening to, say phase, the expression of different forms of vivid, lifelike all, for the Temple of precious cultural relics. The temple also has well-preserved Buddhist by the next version of the book "North Wing-lok possession", a total of 678 letters, 6780, Ming Emperor Wanli in 27 years (1599 AD) by Banci, can be Zhenshanzhibao. The Buddhist scriptures are for the domestic dilute this. At the same time, the collection also Monastery in Beijing next Wanli Royal Secret Inspector satin embroidered with gold dragon cairica Ziyi dressed. The original Jingou Yuhuan missing for a long time. Ziyi and survived so far, their exquisite detail , The eye-openers.

In the Second Revolutionary Civil War period, Fujian Hua Yansi become revolutionary base. In September 1934, under the leadership of Comrade Ye Fei??????Fujian independent division teams in the Temple was set to start the difficult process of revolution. Hill said the audience to support the pavilion is the peak day When the Red Army of workers and peasants in the rear hospitals, banks of Pizhi cliffs of the rock is Sha Warriors 18 Red Army martyrs of the Department. July 1, 1984, Ningde Prefectural Temple in China to establish the "Fujian??????independent division to set up the monument" to commemorate it.

Today's Fujian Province ancient temples of the Millennium support to China Temple, in the shower Reform and opening up in the bright sunshine. Monks in the party and government's leadership, conscientiously implement the policy of religious belief, carry forward Buddhism, "Zen agricultural equal emphasis on improving self-cultivation," the fine tradition and all-round maintenance of the temple. Mountain Gate of the Temple, Main Hall, the Hall of Garan, the Hall of Ancestors, Canon repair of the building of a new, and the new Buddhist , Fangsheng Chi, and so on, so that the ancient temples in the mountains, "Aurora is going Zhushan show, Rizhao Gong Lin Ching million kilowatts."

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