Friday, December 5, 2008

Jiufeng Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiufeng Bridge was our third largest single-arch bridge, and its beautiful shape, charming lanterns, Nanping become a beautiful scene. Jiufeng Gubongsan the cable bridge, as a result of 9 Waterlilies named after the mountain, the mountain range upon range of hills Pinnacle, the Twin Towers standing, the pleasant scenery.

Gubongsan on the many cultural relics A pioneer of Science, "four-Yin Yan-Ping" relic of the trenches of the Red Army, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi Chinese People's Liberation Army guerrillas, and other sites. Song and Ming dynasties built the "Ping Academy" and "Wan Jing She" has become the famous Hill of Confucianism, Taoism, the Buddha taught the three-in-one famous culture. Gubongsan to see the city on the extension is "Day by Al people, 10,000 to enjoy the night lights. "

Gubongsan looking on the block along the pavilion called "lily Pavilion", is a lily flower of Nanping, "People's Daily" reported "to see Luoyang peony, lily look at Nanping," Mang Shan Dang to the strains of wild lily, has grown 71 Flowers miles.

"Flying Bridge North-South, changed Tianqian thoroughfare. "Jiufeng Bridge, Nanping in the hearts of the people has its special status. It is not just a transport facility, a place of leisure, Nanping and is one of the landmarks, Nanping recently witnessed more than 20 years of the development process . "Jiufeng bridge built up, greatly reducing the two Exchanges. Gubongsan living in the vicinity of the suit is nothing different from the city center. "Liu Mei-chu said with a smile," Now, when guests come home, I will take them to Jiufeng near the bridge around so that they can feel how much the changes in Nanping. "

Jiufeng completion of the bridge, led the premises The development and boost the popularity of both sides of the Riverside. Summer night, walk on the bridge, Jiang wind blowing gently. Whispered softly pairs of lovers, old people walk the line and Xiangxie ... ... everything is so quiet and peaceful. Jiufeng Bridge, the public's life added to the delight of many.

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