Friday, December 5, 2008

Temple Tianbao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long bridge is located about 1 km southeast of Ping Shan Qin (also known as Wollongong), was founded in 20 years, Tang Kai-yuan (741 years), one of the Pingnan Ming Si. Southern North Temple to sit, the shape of Wulong pan into the fire, Main Hall and the Beacon Hill distant relative, surrounded on three sides by mountains, beautiful pines Bamboo, seekers can explore more than recite here. Poetry: "Red Dust can temple in the mountains, water, Central Raoshan four of the new order, Feng Yan several times after light rain, Greenfield Zhu Yun from the spirit." Rational layout of the building temples, majestic spectacle, the shape of Buddhist art skills, ranking from Pingnan Temple first.

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