Friday, December 5, 2008

Yang River Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Known as "sea Taoyuan country," Yu Yang of the scenic river, located in the southwest side of the Tai Laoshan, Xiapu County in the northwest town of teeth. Was originally called Nan Yang Ping, who according to legend as a result of the Northern Song Yang Wenguang here Nanman put down one of the 18 holes, and people Yangjia Jiang to stay at so named. Yang Xi River carp, also known as Nine, Seven Mile Creek, 1988 8 menstrual Approval of the Ministry of Justice, and the King of Tai Laoshan side by side in the second batch of national key scenic areas of tourism, "Tai Laoshan spots," Tai Laoshan is a "mountain, sea, Sichuan," one of the three major scenic spots. Yang Kai beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, green Gu Zhang, Lu Fei Xu Di, leaves embraced the wind Longting waterfall, a long bamboo raft. King Qi not only rocks, Seto urgent Bitan, the cave cascade, old and valuable trees such as the natural landscape as well as old, old station, temple, bridge, castle, and Guzhai Cliff stone ages, and other human landscape, there are Yang Wenguang, Zhu Xi, Wang Peng, Yu Park, and other famous people here and folklore She Duige home, such as folk rock drag the Mid-Autumn Festival activities Dongnuanxialiang scenic and pleasant weather, Shanhuo abundant seafood rich, convenient transport, is an embodiment scenic natural beauty and rural eco-tourism area, ideal for tourism, holiday, summer, swimming, fishing on the resort.

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