Friday, December 5, 2008

BAI Lin Zhe, Twin Towers - Chinese tourism scenic spots

BAI Lin Zhe, Twin Towers: Third Temple is located in the town of Fuding City, BAI Lin Zhe Village. According to the Qing "Fuding County," recorded for the next nine years of Yongle (1141) years to build. There are two former Buddha, it is also known as double-ji. Tower-style pavilion for Fangmu Zhuanta structure, solid seven. Tap the end of gold portrait, such as the Pearl of the Urban Culture Collection. Two-Monastery For the protection unit at the county level. According to the "Qiu Shi genealogy" set: The Two behalf of the Ming Yongle, in 1986 the provincial government funding for maintenance. Twin-style pavilions are, solid brick structure, seven hexagonal plane, 8 meters high pass. Tasha Baogai for the top six on each side are Buddhist Po, published in the Cultural Revolution in the destruction of Buddhist statues without deposit. Tower - Angle with brick-tooth Diego Chutiao Shibuya, Liu tota up, have a roof on the ridge, Xu Mizuo no Taki. Fuding County People's Government in 1989 announced at the county level for the protection unit.

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