Friday, December 5, 2008

All seven river - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seven are from the Fu Zhen Creek, flows through Tai Laoshan Mountain, from the Bay County city of teeth into the East China Sea. You Lin Tsui Chuk sides of the strait, making day wonders. Pan-raft on the river, the water all the way Bishan-ching, Lin Bo waves, like fairyland. Among them, "Yang River Scenic Area," located in the northwestern town of teeth, is a state-level scenic Tai Laoshan "mountains, sea, Sichuan," the three major resort An important part of is known as "sea Taoyuan country," and "sea-Min Peng Lai" reputation. Eight of its natural and human aspects of the landscape, constitute a unique style. First, the long Shui Sau. Stream flow more than 20 km, clear bottom, during which Tam, Seto, alternate distribution beach. By finding tour, the only flow around, but not scared Such as in Wonderland. Second, the beautiful natural environment. Shan Bi green water, rare trees and colorful flowers early, camphor tree, maple, banyan, bamboo flowers, bamboo million, the bamboo, rhododendron, box, reed into film distribution. Waterfalls, canyons, towering peaks, cliffs, rock, surrounded by Castle Peak blame for the hole, Huaxiangniaoyu. Third human King Chic. "The wide off the ship," and "Herbie show had soft-shelled turtle," and "Mother Buddha sitting on a lotus," and so on a number of 30 human landscape, life and lifelike. Fourth myth Xuanqi monuments. There are pear Tong Lin Song Cottage, Long Ting Song Yam Temple, the Five Dynasties Toutuo Ridge, the only provision of the Qin and Han-chun, history of the post Yan Xu, Yin-ting, and other Walled Five precious treasures are renowned. Rich sweet, Long eel, crab, soft-shelled turtles, carp, and other treasures of fresh water, and mandarin duck, ribbon, rare animals such as otters. She is a six-strong style, a scenic She villagers living. Yin-ting is the middle reaches of the Walled Xiapu, Fu, She Fuding three cities each year fifteenth day of the public, four Chuba "Duige" the only meeting place. Seven is a major scenic area. YANG Tailao Shan connected with the river, an area of about four, 50 square kilometers, and Beijing and the nearby large, sandy beach under the bank of a river, and so constitute a large-scale tourist area. Eight geographic location is excellent. Fuzhou is located in scenic areas, the two major economic development in Wenzhou The mid-point of the region. Hill is also the Wuyi Mountain and the two major scenic spots of the mid-point of the station. And in the building next to the 104 National Highway auto coastal line, three from the sand 40 km from Hong Kong, convenient traffic, and broad prospects for development.

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