Friday, December 5, 2008

Wulongling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hing Temple in the country behind the Longtan Hunan side of a 2001 opening of the new Ridge Road, straight Wollongong Daud, named "Wulongling." Rohan in the back of climbing, waterfall in the peak-long walk, "Guiyi meet", "Wang Yung Kim dogs" and other scenic spots in climbing, looking directly into someone else's view of the scenery. "Own back , "Bridge Xiandu" landing "movement Taiwan," and from time to time looking at a steep ridge, to stimulate critical, Dan Chan scared; sometimes looking down at the soles of the feet of Feng Yan, Wu Yu a bird's-eye view, pride and enthusiasm Dunsheng; Jimu in the East China Sea, it is refreshing, A great momentum "Shanhai Grand View" eye chart, eye-chuan Bay, the Bay ferry twists and turns of the Coast So close, within our reach, or even hear the voice of the tide waves. In the distance and then, the vast East China Sea at large, spread all over the size of the Shan Yu Yao-fu, and other islands as well as the Seven Islands, the archipelago such as the Taishan panoramic view, the all-too-apparent, and even be able to smell the wet salty sea breeze and fresh fish taste fishy, so that More deeply appreciate " Xiandu, "for its great variety and wonderful, rich and wonderful. Climbed up the steep own risk back in the side of Ridge Road, there is a huge stone up a growth curve in a vacuum" Shihmen, "Xie Xie and across both ends of the stone Like a rainbow arch in the sky. There is a spot near the "elephant and superbird scs" Qiao Zhao nose like a stone, the lower end of the A pair of exposed stone birds, the high tilt and pipefish as Ruojiruoli tip, as if to whisper in the intimate, friendly and harmonious look very exciting. Through the narrow section of the stone, a rise of Yaran can not help but make people laugh, it was Miao Wei Xiaowei "beauty bath" stone. After a stone front of a suddenly Heaven and Earth, here is the "Taiwan movement." A call here, to respond to the sound of seven further and further away from the past, but each tone is different, just like music "duo, and, blind, fat, winded, you, West," seven tones, and therefore named . I bow in the foot here, Longtan Lake is like a piece of jade inlaid in the valley, Yang Issued under mysterious luster. Qiao Li rocks from the bottom of the rocks into tall and straight, at the foot of the stop, as Stone Forest, as stalagmite; like skyscraper buildings, such as the missile off; lofty rocks of rock Shiqianfeng million in the fundus surging, the list of small hills . XIE Zhao Ming Dynasty in the system, "Xiao extremely Mount," wrote a poem: "The day does not go too profit Basking Zhi 36 mixed-feng yes. Pianpian Furong Yu-Xiao Cheng, 1000 Among a Myriad only for the Seoul ... ... I too hope basking in the ocean, Xiuse in the vast sky. Hu Fu Li rest never made the top of Castle Peak Wan against blue sky. Looking down at the lower bound of Ho Ming Ming, China Man-land of mountains and rivers. Shihmen impact Milky Way was spilled, Matsukaze Haitao sent away? Quot; here appreciate this Poetic mood may be more real. In the northern side, to Shen Chutou can also see a "Sleeping Beauty" and leaned side of the "beauty" If the expression, the beautiful curve of moving. Movement out of Taiwan, came to "bridge Xiandu," the stone a few million of the Ren-foot cliff in the soles of the feet. Looking to the south of here, "North Korea nine carp "Rock group, a very like Nixon and Deng Xiaoping, standing side by side, outside of the" Deng Xiaoping "wearing a tunic, inside the" Nixon "Gaoting nose, the two rows, the mighty, magnificent, tall and straight, as are three-service honor guard review; "Great rock" inside the huge stone, the "great man" over the edge A parked with open wings and tail of the "peace dove", an atmosphere of harmony and proportion of co-ordination. Wonderful scenery all wow people clapped. Looking to the southeast, but also a "Shi Zheng Wang," spots: standing on a rock similar to Zheng's portrait, wearing a hat war, the entire behind the mountain, like to muster the peak of the cloak, in front of There is a rock, like a bow to accept the command of soldiers, magnificent, magnificent. A few steps and then climb up to the "peak Xiandu," outside the peak is "the roof." Here, under the peaks bird's-eye view, the East Sea Vision, is an entirely different story. Sunny, looking north, stretches across the mountains, can be seen 20 kilometers Fuding's Chengguan. Southeast of the "Cup cross-peak" in the lush green trees, rocks, such as the Cup Cuolayouzhi light, as if meeting also heard an immortal, Lin Feng Huan laughing sound of the wine.

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