Friday, December 5, 2008

Yuan Yangxi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuan Yangxi County is located in the northern part of Pingnan, a total length of 14 km near the Shan Lin deep secret, quiet and clean, the fall of each year there are thousands of mandarin ducks in the winter here, there are currently only Mandarin protected areas. Pingnan also known as the "Yuanyang town." Whitewater is divided into Yuanyang Xi Yang, Yuan Yangxi, cross the river, water bamboo foreign Research and Yuanyang Lake Creek resort 5. White Water Ocean resort in the upper reaches of Yuanyang Xi, the bank has many caves and waterfalls, and Qi Jue, "Zhang Jie ten" spots, it is three from the flat underwater boulder from the shop, the largest area of a 4 10,000 square meters. The People's Bank of China, the only Yandao feet of water. White Water Ocean You have a more than 50 meters long slide natural, smooth formation, in the above slide will not be scratching. Yuanyang Xi Yuan Yangxi for the resort area at the center of it to wildlife mandarin duck, monkeys and rare species of plants for the characteristics, into the river, waterfall, the peak, rock, landscape, such as holes into the landscape has become rare a comprehensive tour Area. Fork Creek resort is located in the lower reaches of Yuanyang Xi, there are several times the original acres of forest, as well as the beautiful landscape of the valley. Ocean water bamboo - test Fork River resort located in the River resort in the west, it taiwanensis Xian-feng Valley and the main characteristics. Yuanyang Lake located in the resort town two-to Huguang, a small island And the Four Seasons group of wild azaleas and temples, such as the composition of the ancient tower.

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