Friday, December 5, 2008

Seoul City Village site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seoul City site is located in the village of Xing Town, the city of Wuyishan City 1 km southwest of the village for the state's key protection units.

Seoul is located in the ancient ruins and downs of the mountain hills, the city was rectangular. 860 meters long from north to south and 550 meters wide east with a total area of 480,000 square meters. City of East West, north, around the River Chong, Yishanbangshui and beautiful scenery. Rammed earth construction along the mountain wall, 4-8 meters high residual east-west wall to retain a total of 3-channel gap, as was the Shing Mun. Cheng Hao care outside the city there. After excavation, the distribution of the city of temples, Que floor, residential barracks, iron, pottery and burial sites, such as multi - . Central High on the stage of the palace ruins, including a set of doors, courtyards, Zhudian, Cedian, rooms, corridors, courtyard, wells and pipes and so on. Buildings sit south, symmetrical layout rigorous, and the plain areas of the city was completely different layout is unique Jiangnan "dry-column construction." The ancient city of row Systems, the use of natural slopes, the valley into the implementation of rain water, sewage diversion, planning is very natural and reasonable, amazing. Unearthed from a strong 4 million pieces of cultural relics of the Han dynasty style, that more than 2000 years ago in Fujian have been higher smelting and casting, such as ceramic art.

The scholars, the city of Seoul was the village of Min Yue Wang Yu's palace; some speculate is the Emperor Min Yue put down after the establishment of a military castle. Who is wrong, it is how the rise of the decline, to be Textual Research.

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