Friday, December 5, 2008

Qingchuan scenic waterfront - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingchuan coastal area, located in Tai Laoshan Mountain, located in Qingchuan Bay, jumped the end of the Gulf beaches and islands, the sea area of about 40 square kilometers (one scenic area of 25 square kilometers). Sparkling sea, fishing Pianpian fan, Ouniao little bit, el Link, on Lantau, the last jump, seven stars and other islands, such as setting Pei Tsui Landuan as in the sea. During the more than 30 kilometers of coastline, the size of the spread of staff when the size of Mongolia and other valuables Bay beach clean beach, 122 meters long, more than 600 meters wide, "Tan-ping, soft sand," said the officials when the beach Beach; peculiar to the wave-cut rock landscape of the fall due Gang Sha The most prestigious. Here blue sea, sandy valuables, quiet environment, away from the hubbub of city life, is to carry out windsurfing, swimming, rowing, fishing and other activities ideal place and a sand riding, play waves, the beach pickers a good tourist destination. Here, the sea can enjoy the sunrise, sunset, high tide, the wave of ups and downs, as well as wind, rain, morning, the faint Sunny, fog, with the sky, the sea changes color of the United States. Fu Fu Yao Yao Islands archipelago scenic spots, Tai Laoshan 3.56 sea miles away from Yu Tai Shan, a small Yu Shan, Mandarin Island, Silver Island, Bird Island, Kwun Yam, and other reef islands and 11 reefs 9, with a total area of 24.5 square Km. On the island suitable for the climate, landscape show , Said Fu Xi Yao islands, known as Mei-yu blessed. Yu Tai Shan Island, about 5 kilometers in diameter, covering an area of 21.22 square kilometers, the top Red Mountain Ji 541.4 meters above sea level, the first for the Big Island of Fujian Province. The island has beautiful scenery, Lake-day Pan-color, ants evening light boat, a small beach Qi Wen, south of the Tianshan and promontory, and so clear victory . In the boundless expanse of blue water on the East China Sea, 200 meters above sea level, the size of a mosaic of the two lakes, which is known as "Lake days at sea." Lake Central arch-week peaks, like its container, named Yu-do this. Tai Lake area in recent days acres can enjoy boating; small Tianhu 200 mu. Between two lakes more than 1000 meters, Spring, the perennial inexhaustible, sweet water, has a clear head as a mirror. Yao and as a result of Japan, due to the wind and wrinkles, Baiouxiangji from time to time. Gentle slopes around the lake, the formation of the Tianshan million mu grassland, full of "gray days, the vast field, low wind and see grass and sheep," the prairie scenery. In addition, the island was also red-Ji, Guzhai rock, the day King Lake Temple, and so on . In particular a diving Jian, style, is particularly focused on attractions, there are bright Tan, Singapore immortal, big palace, Hang Bai Lu, white Feibao, Elephant Rock, a small sand Taoyuan, and so on. The boat trip around the island, 30.7 km along the coastline, is the rock Lian Yu Duan For, scattered mixed, the rocks of the island chain Jing Jun Qiao . A view of Golden Monkey, Chiba rock, turtle reef, stacked stone reefs and other odd-shaped rocks Zhuang strange spots. Xiang Ji also watch the birds of Bird Island. The Bird Island area of only 0.5 square kilometers, less than 100 meters above sea level, dense vegetation on the island, the only habitat of tens of thousands of sea gulls and other birds, Zharanfeiqi, the scenery is spectacular Tianhu: at the Tianhu Yu Tai Chi Hung-do on the mountain, 200 meters above sea level, large and small lakes on both sides, the peaks surrounding Lake Central arch, which seemed to Yu. Tai Lake area in recent days acres, a small lake with an area of 200 days mu. Tianhu the size of more than 1000 meters apart, each spring, the perennial inexhaustible, sweet water, clear bottom You Lan, Ningbi the lake is very attractive. Pan Lake wild turtles often come and go.

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