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Shi Feng Temple (Temple of Canton Shi Feng) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shi Feng Temple. Shi Feng of the temple, also known as Canton. Fu-chu, located in the city of Bo Yang Shi Feng foothills: 30 km from the county seat. Temple was built in the first year of King Fu Tang (892), in the top of the original Ming Yongle period (1403-1424) moved to this building. It has been set. You have Cisi Emperor Ming, the title Royal Monastery important, "Shi Feng-wide Buddhist temple," Zeng Shi, the poem "shadow moving side scared off the fish pond, sound and a half to Ling Feng Zhu cited" sentence. Chia-ching-year period (1796-1820) repair. Temple covers an area of 13,000 square meters. East of the West sit, stand Observatory, the majestic building. Although the calendar when the Millennium Maung temple and surviving. In ancient legend of a four-old monk travel far and wide, The mountains here, such as arch as Ibo, such as running water Bailianraoshan away, during which the mountain, like a lion, the highest peaks, grand vision, Bian Yu, the temple was built here. As a result old monk Sheng Ye will shift to a censer under the foothills of a Lin family at the entrance. The next morning, the masters of incense then see him move his Office; open the door the next day, the incense burner in the home , So a few days, the owner of the Lin family surprised, therefore Mozhi. Hu Wen Muyu sound, see an old monk came from a distance, urged his advice. Old monk said: "This is the Buddha who wish to donate the master Jiansi home." Masters of the Lin family to donate Bai Yang-chu, all of the Lin family farm housing for Jiansi. Temple completed, Lam Ka-referring to pray to Buddha The home, according to the Buddha referred to bamboo separate families, down from Qian and Yang Xi, Qi race by wearing a white horse to the door Ningde seven are stranded, the family has settled all seven. It is said that examination in the Ming Dynasty, the Shang Guanzhixingbu LIN Cong. Is the Lin family and future generations. Shi Feng Temple by King Hall, Main Hall, Fa Tang and four Guanyinge Body construction, four construction built on the same central axis, other architectural symmetry on both sides of the split, the layout of Cuoluoyouzhi, flavor, shows the late Tang architectural style. Diaolianghuadong visitors to enter the Hall of days Wei, Maitreya could see bare belly, I welcome people laugh; Buddha, the King of cold power. Have been decorated archway, a back-li Weituo statue law, the crack-down appearance. Over the courtyard, door-order calendar, is the magnificent Main Hall. Main Hall in front of Temple Heavenly Kings look roof, Zhong Yan Triassic, as if the towers, splendid shape. Main Hall inside? Cigarette wind around all over the place spotless, is worthy of the name of the net. Into the hall more than 13 meters deep. 10 meters, 14 meters high. There are 24 square granite pillars, of which 8 Wai-chu up to 2.2 meters, 5 meters high above the wooden support beams of the roof rafter. There are pillars outside hall 16, Wai-chu, 11.8 meters, holding sticks Qiaojiao cornices. The main hall around the window wall beams, carved with a variety of patterns Dian-zhong stand, the only overlap brackets? Liangjia Well, holding high the center of the hexagon caisson, at the top of the painting depicts Long Feng, life, although the pattern years? Could vaguely see that year presence. Zhong Yan Xie Shanding hall is a carry-beam structure, and Fuzhou Hua Linsi hall there are similar. Two are outside Yanxia 00 more than the root of the hump-rafter be arranged neatly out, as the Song Dynasty architectural form. Fa Tang is behind the Main Hall. Dan Yan Fa Tang for the rest of the top wooden structure buildings, a major contributing factor into the 13 meters, 9 meters high. HS Fatang have a flower bed, Seng Fang, Liu passengers, such as the kitchen. In December 1933, Fu, Xiapu farmers On behalf of more than 150 people in the Rubai Zhan, Ye Fei, Zeng Zhi, under the auspices of this meeting, the meeting decided to set up the Fujian Federation of Red Zone and the Soviet regime, to carry out agrarian revolution. After the liberation of Fu'an county civil affairs departments in the protection of the tablets. Fatang Guanyinge followed, the Court before Qing-chi, a Hong-Lei stock tanks. Pool Camellia, peony flowers, such as Lamei. Guanyinge next to a millennium Cooper, 14 meters high, the Lao Gan branch of the new vitality. According to the monks saying: Cisi not, the first of the Parkinson's. Ningde in the Ming Dynasty Yu praised Chen Qian thing Temple has a poem: "Zou foot temporary Song Kwan in Seoul, Qunseng flavor, like Hill. Ridge in the early pumping tree outside the cloud color, flower Court for the rain break . Choi Nam Fung Fu was going to Shuang, Liu should be ashamed with the kid free. Xifeng Jimu more of the West, Chou Huai-free and that more should be deleted. "Shi Feng Temple in the face of the beautiful scenery and Bai Yang-chu-chu, 36 villages and Parkinson's reservoirs, South Village has Yung Gurong spectacle, with its grain Sin Temple, the Temple Xing Yun, Fu Lu Temple, and so even as a monument. Here again Min is Faren revolution to one. It not only can people enjoy the beauty, but also give education on revolutionary traditions.

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