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Guang Xiaosi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guang Xiaosi at the Second South Jian'ou, Xu, iron lion foothills, the river built Sea, Fujian Province, is one the oldest, largest and quiet environment, landscape Achiever, the famous Chinese and foreign parties of the ten largest jungle Temple of the ancient temples, Is to visit, al-mo the Holy Land.
Six Dynasties Chen Guang Xiaosi was founded in 2002 Yongding Emperor (AD 558 ), Tang said, "lung hsing," said the Northern Song Dynasty, "Jing", "Ning-day", "Wan", the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing 2007 (1137 AD) to read as "filial gratitude Light Temple." Yuanmo Bingxian destroyed, Wu Ming-hong reconstruction, Jiajing destroyed by fire, Wanli and reconstruction, continued after the Qing Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Guangxu tripled amendment, the Republic of China for 14 years, has Repair, so far, more than 1430 years.
Guangxiao Si covers an area of 91 acres. Temple-wide vertical length 242.3 meters, 161.2 meters wide cross, the building is divided into three groups: King Hall, Main Hall, Hall of Guanyin and the connection of the east and west sides back to the profile, the main component of building a closed community; Garan Hall, founder , Fa Tang, meditation hall, the ancestral hall and, Canon House, the abbot room, the plot Hong Kong political scene, Zhaitang, Liu Tong, Ke Tang, and so on back to the hatchback profile and run-on wall. And the wall, respectively, into the East Main Hall West HS community building.
Main Hall for Chongyanxieshan-roof, the roof beam frame, the ceiling for the next block bundle wrapped in cloth Lu Ming-made, high-top 5 m wide, five deep-six, about 1,000 square meters, Yan Zhu in the distribution network, using cut-million law-column, column diameter of 0.6 meters, for the Qing Zhu Chu-old stone-Dien. Hall of Heavenly Kings of about 500 thousand meters, about 660 square meters Law altar, in front of Stone High Zhang Yu. Phoebe wooden structure of the temples, huge towering statue of Buddha, In the jungle province, a leading, in particular, the likelihood of macro-scale construction of the permitted Phoebe, not only rare in Fujian, on the country, is also a small number.
Guangxiao Si has a long history, unique in Fujian, Quanzhou of the Kaiyuan Temple (built in 686 years) as early as 100 years, Gushan Yongquan Temple (built in 780 years) Two hundred years, the rest of the temple, even in later. It is said that Japan in the Tang Dynasty Koyasan empty into the sea Master Tang learn when and boarding pass Jianou Mo Temple worship. Junji Guangxiao Si Qing emperor worship for the monks Llewelyn division, for its Yu-Lin Feng-National Division, he converted to Farmington stupid line. Guangxiao Si-min as to, Zhejiang, Jiangxi monks ring for the Holy Land, Buddhism in Fujian Will, as Jietan all ages. Its peak in the Ming Dynasty, has gathered thousands of monks. Until February 19, 1949 Christmas Guanyin, also granted a final warning. Now in Guang Xiaosi ordained monks, living in the United States, Southeast Asia, Japan and Hong Kong law the dissemination of sound, many people.
Qing Emperor Kangxi three years, "Xiao-light repair Monument hall "set:" Guangxiao Si Jun Zhi in the south, away from the Second City, Xu, across the hubbub of city life, Hongqiao broken lock, back and face two-Shi Feng Shui, a shape that wins, and Chang Hong-ji, Labyrinth heavy door, Xiu Guang Temple Gallery, Kim Yong-Yao Huang, being green tree, where a ceremony confidence in the board, the Vatican released the suspect's Palace days, falling from the air and I do not know who is also the world. Guangxiao Si shows how the ancient fascinating. As a result, known as the birthplace of Buddhism in Fujian, Fujian has an important place in the history of Buddhism.
However, in hindsight, the world has more to the late Republic of China Guangxiao Si is not entirely original features. On the eve of the liberation of the country, the evil criminals by the current situation changes, and destroyed the Buddha Light Xing San monks, wiped out the door wall, missing Used destroyed temples have been fortunate as a grain depot, the roof intact so far in the wide, is expected to be repaired.
Jian'ou City People's Government in 1982 as the city of Guang Xiaosi will focus on heritage conservation unit. In February 1987, the Buddhist Association of Cooperative and the relevant departments to form the "repair Guang Xiaosi Water south of the Committee. "After several discussions to draw up repair plans and procedures. And assigned special staff. Phased out of the grain inside, invited into the lives of the monks begin repair work, to follow" if the whole of the old old " The principle of maintaining the original style.
Guangxiao Si, rehabilitate old buildings, according to experts measuring designated Kuang , The estimates require a total of 9,020,000 yuan, four kilograms of gold Buddha paste. From the beginning of March 1987, and their music to help men and women, overseas-funded grant initiative monks, the Buddhist Association of North America, New York, Fu presided over the temple, Master Yin Guang, a Chinese American, has generously offer to help 300,000 yuan. Government contractors were Departments and local people support a few years, Main Hall, the law Tan, Yin-tang, the abbot of a new repair room. Full House lifelike statue of Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha 8.96 meters high, the number of Fujian in the first, in possession of copper Buddha Xiang Yizun, three heavy weight. Taxus wooden Avalokitesvara a 2.2 m high. And the replacement of large Pillars to rebuild the Mountain Gate. Restoration so far, the investment of millions of RMB yuan, much better than it is Temple Maung, who flocked to al-mo. Shigong but is still playing at the beginning, the requirements have great distance away. But the trickle come together to form a river, four at home and abroad concerned about the countless people who Guangxiao Si-building, Guang Xiaosi in the future is bound to be more magnificent.

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