Friday, December 5, 2008

De Cyatheaceae River Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

De Cyatheaceae River Nature Reserve, located in Fu'an City, 40 km south-west of Guatemala Village, covering an area of 1438 hectares. (River Tam Kai de Cyatheaceae beauty of nature pictures) Cyatheaceae such as palm-shaped, high and straight stems, leaves about 2 meters, opened as a peacock screen Side plume was split, in the light of today's ferns larger maximum Category. Their ancestors in the system 3.8 billion years ago the Earth's prosperous time nude fern plant, with its dinosaur from the same period. Today, the dinosaur extinction has, Cyatheaceae has become a "living fossil", China's only in Guangdong, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hainan, Fujian and Taiwan have a small amount of the distribution, the state took it as a protection of rare and endangered plants Melon in the protection of the river in the region, not only as high as 6 meters and more, "Wang Cyatheaceae", but also unearthed near Cyatheaceae Miller, in 3600 the total number of the above, which is rare in China, it has been approved as a provincial-level nature reserves . Protected areas in the central part of the melon is a tributary of the river two, from a West to East, a Southwest to the Northeast, such as "Y" intersection in the words appear in de Village, the two formed the Grand Canyon. Valley, the rock egg beads connected circle, bending Feisa flowing streams, water of the fish show goes between husband and wife have thus ... ... waterfall and waterfall gourd, Red Lake, Yuanyang Shuilian Dong Tam and other natural landscape. Gap next to the Central Permian peak peaks, precipitous peak Gu Qiao ; Swinhoe's song Splendor, submarine-Franch M V; vegetation Mongolia cage, Cyatheaceae show alone - some as Meiran Gong, and some, like Weng Suo Li, as some long-haired sister ... ... to avoid or at the Bamboo Forest, or to hide Cong banana, or in the possession of Zashu group, or legislation in the cliffs above, or the Red Army waited at the hole. The so-called "red-dong," "Red Tan", are Ye Fei during the Agrarian Revolution, Zeng Zhi, Li-Feng Ma and others fought life. As a result, travel tours in this area, if you are not scientists, nor want to pursue the ancient climate and the formation of species like the mystery, then, in addition to your iQue ancient, back to nature, away from the earth, San Wai adaptive, perhaps Also From the landscape in the community-oriented students into thinking: In this sense, the study also make a sightseeing tour, the landscape is benevolent and wise men can not read the book. De Cyatheaceae River Nature Reserve - a hidden in the mountains did not know of a good book, which is looking forward to many benevolent wise to read it to understand it, and Even the music of the heart. "

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