Friday, December 5, 2008

Anglican Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanping City Hall Anglican, is enshrined at home and abroad, "Sam" the Gongmiao Zuting. Nanping City, located in the ancient concept of Ma Station, Xiong Zhi Min River, was built in Early Tang Dynasty, was originally called "Sam House," also known as the "three temple", has been 1400 years of history. The temple for the week, Chen Wang, "Sam", commonly known as the Tang Dynasty when the natives. Born as a result of Direct, the poor devils, after the death of legendary see supernatural, and the wind on a Qingyun. Wugufengdeng year, for the people of their sense of Enze, Li Miao of worship, incense very Sheng. In 1997 to repair and expansion. In recent years, the pilgrimage at home and abroad to come to Hong Kong and Taiwan and the steady stream of believers.

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