Friday, December 5, 2008

Temple-funded - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple-funded, was built in the first year of Tang Xian Tong (860), Tang Guan Zhuang Ye Pang brothers built, Dingxing in the Song Dynasty, the Ming Chung Hsing. In a thousand years of history, undulating waves, the turn-hing destroyed. Temple located in the capital southeast of Fuding County, 5 km from the county seat of the State-owned Lianfeng village in the mountains. Fuding is the founder of Buddhism were originated Caodong . Bang Hai Monastery mountains, beautiful scenery, the pleasant scenery. A flat peak, the mountains around the Central Hill arch, quiet Lin He, every Dongjiangshuowang high tide, the water surface, such as Lotus strong; when Eastern white dawn, the peak overlooking Lotus, like a bath out of water, bud Opened at the beginning, Tingtingyuli Jiang Bo in the above Bilian. On Long Qing night, as if looking palace can be seen to have a "lotus-shu," Blair said, the outskirts of Fuding for a major tourism landscape. Are ancient buildings, the magnificent, exquisite technique, timbers Main Hall, are Fa Tang Ming Dynasty buildings; Hall of the Ancestors, Garan Hall in 1753 for rehabilitation. Legend has it that the peak in the Song Dynasty nine wells Pier 13; Well there Tang, C. S., stone, the cornerstone of Fa Tang, Ming Liang Dong, columns, as well as the Millennium Tieshu (1985 bloom, flowering each year up to 6 months). Laurel Ming and Qing cypress and so on. Are grand temples, complete, quiet environment, the city bus direct Simen, tourists, pilgrims Dachaoshan incense, flowers and eye, Station can not. With the development of Buddhist culture, the Temple of the capital have been expanding, with a total area of land after the 8.67 hectares in the near future funding to Temple into a pilgrimage, tourism, travel together to Buddhist culture, To the Tang, Song architectural style as the main body of the garden-style temple, again Lianfengmiaojing Seekers can explore the ages to gather here to give lectures, pay homage, many left Tiyong, such as the prime minister Sun Qiang Qing Ming "Fushengruomeng send wrong everywhere to ie security is a" champion Wang Peng-ching "fragrance Amberpack Buddha Ruding, a bright moon to the sea and sky high, "Modern Buddhist monk Master of the round-young," not to say that the heart will be with an Ru " In addition, local residents She's folk customs, ancient temples make the Millennium credit.

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