Friday, December 5, 2008

Bai Yang-chu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fuan City stem River at the southern town, 40 km away from the urban areas is leading to Xiapu, Tai Laoshan's the only way. Surrounded by mountains, which rise amid stretches in the middle Yimapingchuan, Leung Tin 10,000 ares. There are a stone, such as the white-column, as a result of "white" to avoid civil words, it is replaced by Bo Yang-chu. Bai Yang-chu, a total of 10 villages and Multi-temple, was the central revolutionary base of Fujian Province. Soviet government of Fujian Province, Fujian Province has set up a recorder here, has retained the "Fujian Soviet Government", "the central Fujian recorders," "Fujian Women's Federation Council," and "Fujian special committee of the Communist Youth League" site. Zhenghu Chen Yang Village in the hall, where the wind Beautiful, the former double bun Qi, after flying Danfeng Hill, left his home goldfish carp, Yi Feng Shi Feng of their right of abode. Zhenghu Chen, Fu Anbo column foreigners, will be the Southern Song Ji Wei, in Zhangzhou Muk Min Zhu Sha Um al-prime minister a traitor to, and through the ages-000, Fu is one of the three sages. The ancestral hall upstairs at the main entrance of the four Chinese characters "sake of the general good," is For the central imperial Qing Emperor Kangxi, the ancestral hall at the two sites are linked to celebrities such as Wen's joint title. Bai Yang-chu, ancient temples are Baolin Si, King Temple, the Temple bridge, natural Temple, the Temple Shi Feng, Qi Yun Temple. Shi Feng Fu-an Temple is one of the eight major Temple, built in the first year of King Fu Tang (892), despite the vicissitudes of life remain On behalf of the architectural style. Main Hall arch bucket stack built 24 large square pillars stand Dian-zhong, winding paths and corridors, painting houses cornices, exquisite technique. Legend has it that Emperor Ming Ching Tak topic this time around there are couplets, and thanks, "Shi Feng Guang Buddhist temple of" horizontal inscribed board.

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