Monday, December 22, 2008

Desert Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located 19 km east, to the edge of Tengger Desert, China's first financial desert scenery, grassland and customs, landscape features as one of the desert park. Visitors can Dengshang undulating dunes, overlooking the vast desert landscape of the western region, but also through a pair of land enjoy the flowers in the desert greening Jade style. Park Undulating dunes, the pavilions can not. Park race track has a swimming pool as well as the "Desert Pavilion," "Heart Tao House," "Mandarin Pavilion", "Peach Blossom Pavilion", and other recreational facilities. Undulating dunes in the park, the problems of a hundred herbs, persicum, birch, red, Shami, Peng desert plants such as trees, and provide sand bath, water bath, Hua Sha, riding a camel , Swimming activities, unique items. More people can enjoy the wonderful taste of the western region.

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