Monday, December 22, 2008

Fuxi Miao Tianshui - Chinese tourism scenic spots

People commonly known as the Temple, located in the western city of Tianshui Guan Fu Road at the western end, the country's largest Fuxi Miao earliest. For three years Koji Ming (1490), three Jiajing (1524) rehabilitation. Legend has it that King native place Tianshui for Xi, Fuxi Miao is the Queen of the Fuxi Temple Festival. Temple built the street, sitting south, two three, from south to north St. Paul, temples, platforms, Beiting, Zhudian, such as Cooper, the temple covers an area of 3700. Arranged neatly symmetrical temples, the layout of the strict rules, Diaolianghuadong, majestic spectacle. With a rich architectural style of the Ming Dynasty, the temple's main building - first at the Dian-in open house on the platform, Zhong Yan brackets, glass Tongwa, Long Floriation all reflect the simplicity of the whole building and elegant. Wang Diandong first on the south side of a hexagonal Zanjian Ding Pavilion, known as the music pavilion, is the chant of the Fu Fu Qin. Heting to music and Thinking back to the pavilion looking to legend, white crane had come to hear live music. Court Fu Tai Jidian with clay as painting, the original Hall of congenital backyard Siren Agriculture, Shen Nong Xiang Yizun with plastic. Fuxi Miao also Cooper's vigorous tree group. Cooper the original map by Fu Gua ranked 64, has planted a total of 64, but the survival so far, only 37. According to legend, during the first month on the 16th birthday of Emperor Xi, both delights and God will come on earth, the people of the world to promote better problem-solving, phuc duyen broadcasting, The whole city came to the young and old will be the most hi deciduous tree of God, seek help of Fuxi, An Kangning life in the coming year.

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