Monday, December 22, 2008

Temple Lane Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Laojun also known as Um, at the end of Lane Street ethics, on behalf of the Dynasty. There are a whole building Mountain Gate, Lao Jundian three-Xiao Temple, the Temple-hi, Mahayana Court. Although it is not gold tile walls, but there are strange shapes and Laojun Dian is on the Mountain Gate, built in up to one meter of soil on the stage for a potential eight Cuanjian Ding Pavilion floor. There are even Dianqian Juan Peng, a plastic hall Gua set to ride the Green Laojun like cattle. This is a unique architectural style of Taoism, China's ancient culture is an invaluable cultural heritage. Dianmen there are a couplet on the Alliance: "eight-han power of the universe"; Xia Lian: "The Guardian Ssangyong course of events." Plastic symmetry proportion of the temple of God, delicate ornamentation and exquisite carvings, natural look. After the liberation has been set up junior The Government set up after East Street, this set Taoist Association. In recent years, a new repair.

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